Life Lately + 10 Good Things

Life Lately + 10 Good Things


Our apartment complex is big, and the location is prime!  

We scored an amazing deal on a clean, cozy apartment. Our apartment is only a mile away from Dustins work. which means he's saving a ton of money on gas. Unfortunately, due to some big changes recently, my commute is about twenty five minutes away, which for me is very doable. I used to commute an hour each day for work so to me, this isn't a big deal. Our apartment rent is super cheap, and Dustin and I are already saving a ton of money each month! What I'm loving about our apartment is how spacious it is. There's a nice big island where we can eat dinner at, until we can afford a dining room set of course. Also, we had a huge walk in closet, a luxury I'm definitely not used to! There are ample closets throughout the apartment, which makes me super happy because I'm big on organization. Also, another key thing that I'm super happy about, we have two large heated pools! How amazing is that? I'm extremely pleased with our apartment, it's amenities and the prime location. 

My first week in Dallas, I scored a HUGE promotion within the company!

I'm ecstatic to share my big news: I received a killer promotion! A week before I left for Dallas, my field manager reached out to me. He told me to strive for bigger, and better opportunities, because Dallas has nothing but opportunities especially in the career/job market. I took his advice to heart and applied for two positions higher that my current one, which would be a huge, huge jump. I honestly did not think I would receive the position, because ordinarily they would have you work up to it, but, just my luck: I got it. I am now a FULL TIME Senior Education Consultant aka assistant manager at Sephora! This is a very big deal for me. I had never had any management jobs, but I had all of the experience the position called for. My job entails me educating my team, keeping everyone in the know about new products (skincare, hair care, makeup, everything beauty!) Also, I get paid vacation time - how amazing is that?! I'm super pumped to finally have my dedication and hard work to this bad ass company recognized and be put in a position of power. I can not wait to see where this company will take me, and all the beautiful opportunities it will bring. 

I finally received education + a ton of gratis!

Working for Sephora, you receive a ton of education, and free products...what girl doesn't love free makeup/skincare? When I made my jump to a management position, I was told we would get education monthly, which for me, was super exciting. Every month a beauty educator comes to our store, and teaches us about the latest makeup/skincare products and trends. In the process, you receive a TON of free products! Just yesterday I headed off to corporate headquarters to attend a holiday meeting, where I scored another free bag loaded with goodies! I will be sharing all of my gratis, and the reviews on the blog very soon! I love that Sephora keeps us all educated, as well as supplies us with all the hottest skincare/makeup products every single month. 

Dallas, and Texas in general is super affordable! 

I'm still in shock that Dallas, one of the worlds largest cities is crazy affordable! I thought living in such a big city, I would never have enough money to get by. To my surprise, our rent is crazy affordable, compared to Maine. If I wanted to live in the city in Maine, I would easily be shelling out $900-1,550 for a one bedroom apartment. Lucky for us, our apartment is significantly lower than that. The other big thing, gas is only $1.75-1.99! I was in complete disbelief how much I was saving on gas. Our groceries are a whole different story. Bread, milk and eggs, just the essentials are much cheaper as a whole. Dustin and I mainly stock up on a ton of fruits, veggies, and healthy, organic based snacks, which tend to always be a bit pricier. Overall, I'm in awe of how much cheaper it is to live here in the city. 

There is so much to do and see in Dallas!

As much as I love Maine, I grew tired of it rather quickly. Don't get me wrong, I love Maine, but I was dying to get away for awhile. I still love my pine trees, hiking, and getting outdoors, I always will, that's just who I am. Dallas, and Texas as a whole has so much to offer! There are so many cute places to eat, sip tea, or just grab a quick smoothie - I saw Jamba Juice the other day and got so exited! The culture and diversity here shows in the food, you can find any style of food, less then twenty miles away. There are so many activities, and beautiful sights to see as well. Also, there is PLENTY of shopping to do around here, the malls are incredible. I can't wait to begin wandering around the big state of Texas and share all of our adventures with you all!

We get to decorate our new home, on our terms!

I love that Dustin and I finally have our own home together. Granted, it's an apartment, and this wont be our permanent residence, but still. I have a huge itch to begin decorating, and make this new place feel more like a home. I've been doing a ton of thrift shopping for cute pictures, and home decor which has saved us a lot of money. Lets be honest, why bother shelling out money at Pier 1 when you can find cute pieces at half the cost? I've always been such a thrifty, money saving person, and that's how it's going to stay! Dustin and I still haven't purchased a couch, tv, or hooked up our internet just yet. I can't wait until we fully settle in, and get to do more decorating. 

We joined a gym together!

When Dustin officially began work, he found out about the many benefits of working for his home office. They offer a gym membership to him and his family! The day he told me, I instantly ended my membership with Planet Fitness. Not to hate on PF or anything, but it just doesn't have that much to offer. Also, Dustin and I have been hitting the gym together. He never made working out a priority, even though he's pretty fit, he just never gave it a thought. Luckily, he decided that it was time for a big change. In the past few weeks, I've watched him begin to love working out. He's goal setting, and starting on a new fitness journey, I couldn't be more proud of him! Our gym has some amazing amenities: a pool, hot tubs, saunas - dry and wet, as well as personal training, and even a ton of free classes: yoga, boot camp, barre + barbell, HIIT, kickboxing, the list goes on and on. As a whole, I've been hitting the gym more often, and making it a point to end my workout with a sweat session in the sauna. Overall, I'm obsessed with our new gym and can't wait to begin taking a few yoga, and boot camp classes. 

Hello wedding planning!

For those of you that don't know, Dustin and I have almost been engaged for officially two months! On August 23rd he popped the big question! If you haven't read our story just yet, be sure to look at the "It's official, we're engaged" post! Life lately has been full of crazy, exciting changes and getting engaged was a big one! I'm still in shock that my best friend is now my fiance, it's all still so new to me. I keep having to correct myself when saying "My boyfriend..." To be honest, since getting engaged, I haven't been able to fully focus on the fact that we're now on the road to marriage. I just haven't had the time to let that sink in. After we fully settle in, and things turn to a much more normal pace, I can't wait to begin wedding planning! I'm excited for all of the possibilities. 

The weather here is incredible!

When we initially found out about moving to Texas, I'm not going to lie I was a little worried. I thought it would be like living in the desert. I imagined it would be over one hundred degrees every single day, hot, humid and unbearable. To my surprise, I've been perfectly comfortable. The first day we arrived in Dallas, it was 99 degrees and not super humid. I was wearing jeans and a tank top, and I was managing just fine. Lately, the temps have been in the eighties, as well as mid seventies, super comfortable. There was one day last week where I even wore my favorite chunky knit sweater. I'm not going to lie, I'm loving the weather here in Dallas. I absolutely do not miss the cold, or the hot humid summer in Maine. All of the sun, and vitamin d has definitely kept me in a much more happy state. 

It's October, my favorite time of year!

October is just the best time of year in my mind. It's when fall begins, the leaves change, and fall fashion begins. I love everything about fall, even if it brings cooler temperatures. I'm not going to lie, the best place to be in for fall, and the foliage is New England. It's just that much better, because the leaves are so beautiful, the temperatures are better, and hello, you can visit Salem! So far, I haven't seen too many leaves changing here in Texas, and for that, I'm super bummed. I've been told they change towards the end of October, which I'm hoping is true. Overall, I'm super happy October is here, and I can do all the "fall activities" I please. And of course, drink all the Pumpkin Spice lattes I can!