Tattoo's, Mandalas, and My Favorite of Them All

Hey guys! So lately I feel like I haven't been sharing any personal stories with you, here's one for ya! I'm a huge fan of tattoos, I have about five so far, and I definitely intend to keep building onto that number. Today I wanted to share with you my favorite piece on my body currently. I received this tattoo just over a year ago, and I can't wait to begin more work. For starters, let me explain what this is. What you see pictured here is a Mandala...

Mandala - A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. 

To me, a mandala is so much more than it's definition. To me they represent wholeness, peacefulness and unity. Mandalas are super versatile, so they can mean many different and be seen in so many ways to different people. Mandalas for me, bring me peace, and contentment while always inspiring me. I have a thing for them, and I'm extremely happy to have one on my body. 

My Mandala...

For starters, I'm obsessed with my tattoo artist, he is seriously the most talented man I've ever met. I'm not the type of girl that just picks any random artist and goes with the flow. I looked for years for an exceptional artist, talented in black and white pieces. Watson spent hours creating my own unique mandala after telling him about myself, what I wanted, and what I wanted to incorporate to the tattoo. Since finishing this piece over a year ago, I recently added more to it due to its incompleteness. We added white ink to the sides of this piece (where the black dots are located) I love how much detail and dot work is in my piece. I can honest say out of every tattoo on my body, this is most definitely my favorite. Since meeting Watson, and discussing what I wanted as a whole, I decided this was going to be a much more lengthier project than I anticipated. This first mandala, was the start of a much bigger piece. My ultimate goal for my arm is to start with a half sleeve of mandalas, and eventually maybe a full sleeve. Now that I'm in Texas, this project will be an over time type of deal. Unless I wanted to find another artist, which is unlikely, but still a great possibility. Anything is possible, and I'm ready to have my right arm covered in mandalas, nature, and full of inspiring possibility.