Maine Will Always Be Home

When Dustin and initially decided to move away from Maine, we were sad. We loved home, so very dearly. We knew this would be one of the hardest things we would ever do. I never grew up hating the place I was born and raised, I adored it. I grew up in a small town, in Naples, Maine surrounded by lakes, ponds, and the great outdoors. Maine made me the adventure loving, mountain climbing, tree hugging girl I am today. Maine isn't so much a place to me, it's my way of life. When I left, my heart sank, and broke into pieces. I knew Dallas was the total opposite of who I was, and where I wanted to be. I knew who I was, and exactly what I wanted, or so I thought. Moving cross country and into the unknown, I knew it would change me, I just wasn't sure how. I definitely do not regret moving to Texas, or Dallas in the least bit. I'm learning, experiencing, and seeing new things every single day. In a million years I never thought I would wind up moving away from home, the place I love so much to a new, unfamiliar place that would change me so much - for the better of course. As much as I love Maine, I'm grateful and happy to be in a new place, learning, growing, and experiencing new things. I know that one day I will be back in the state that I love so much, but for now I'm happy and content embracing change. Today I'm sharing with you all the reasons I love my home state of Maine. 


Why I love Home, The Great State of Maine

  1. The pine trees, and balsam fur. 
  2. Blueberries and potatoes. 
  3. Beautiful chickadees outside the window.
  4. My family resides there.
  5. The lakes and ponds where I learned to swim.
  6. How the coastline is so big, and long.
  7. Sea glass hunting with friends.
  8. Stephen King.
  9. Main Street and all the memories.
  10. Memories. 
  11. The gorgeous mountains I hiked on every weekend.
  12. Acadia National Park.
  13. Cadillac Mountain.
  14. My friends. New and Old.
  15. Apple picking. 
  16. Four seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer.
  17. The snow.
  18. Chunky sweaters.
  19. Fall fashion.
  20. The rain.
  21. Dairy Bars.
  22. Bard Coffee.
  23. The Old Port.
  24. Portland, Maine.
  25. Upta Camp.
  26. Kennebunk Port. 
  27. The Pier at OOB - Never thought I'd say that. 
  28. Getting my car stuck in snowbanks. 
  29. Shoveling the neighbors yard.
  30. Plowing snow.
  31. Living in a small town.
  32. Not having to lock my door at night.
  33. The beautiful fall foliage.
  34. Maine Maple Syrup Sunday.
  35. Mainah's bub.
  36. Maine pride.
  37. Back roads.
  38. The diversity of Portland.
  39. The unity. 
  40. Cutting down my own Christmas tree.
  41. Driving in the winter - In my Subaru.
  42. Seeing Deer.
  43. The beautiful moose.
  44. The nonpoisonous animals. 
  45. Living near North Conway, New Hampshire. 
  46. Baking with family.
  47. Watching the Fireworks on the Causeway.
  48. Naples, Maine. 
  49. Breathing, clean, air.
  50. Wandering in the woods. Being surrounded by beautiful forests.