Quirky Things You Might Not Know About Me


20 Quirky Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I have an obsession with Barbecue Sauce. I seriously love it.
  2. At lunchtime, I love salads. I literally look forward to eating them every day for lunch.
  3. My health is a huge deal to me, and I love helping others become a healthier version of themselves. 
  4. I moved cross country on a whim, just for a change. 
  5. I'm way too kind, even when people don't deserve it. 
  6. My hair is naturally curly/wavy and everyone always assumes I curl it. I never put that much effort into my hair.
  7. My music taste is absolutely all over the place. I'm obsessed with classic rock, blues, rap, all the way down to country and folk. I'm just a mix off all things. 
  8. If I could make an income solely from writing and traveling I would. 
  9. I'm a chronic worrier. Always worrying. So shitty.
  10. I can't stand stickers, band aids, or anything sticky. Just nope. 
  11. I'm obsessed with coffee. It's awful. My teeth hate me, but you know. 
  12. I'm always analyzing, and trying to figure out situations. 
  13. I love writing letters. I'm a lover of writing, all around.
  14. I love magazines, my dream has always been to write for one.
  15. On my days off I practically live in sweats, but have a closet full of cute clothes.
  16. Even though I work at Sephora, I prefer natural makeup and pride myself in my in depth skincare routine. 
  17. Whenever I'm alone, I binge watch all my girly tv shows.
  18. I don't want it all in life. I just want to be happy, and live a life I love.
  19. I have an obsession with pickles. I love pickles, all kinds.
  20. I swear way too much, but I have my shit together. 

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