5 Things I'm Doing This December

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's December, it's almost Christmas too - where the hell did the time go? I swear this year flew by, and so much goodness happened too. It may come as a huge shocker, but December isn't all about all things Christmas, but I kind of wish it was ;) For me, December is one of those months I'm getting ready for something totally different. It's a month of assessing, reviewing, and celebrating. Today I'm sharing with you all things I'll be doing throughout this month.


I'm Traveling

This December, so many things are different, compared to last year. Last year, I was so very merry and bright, surrounded by beautiful snow and all things festive. Today, is a totally different story. I'm in Texas, where it's beautiful year round and typically for this time of year, it's in the 70's - 50's, still, not so bad. I definitely don't think it will snow here, which makes me just slightly sad. I was spoiled growing up in New England, our Christmas time was always full of snow, and it just felt like Christmas. Right now I'm just not feeling it, and for me, that's perfectly okay. This December is so much more about the holidays for me. This December I'm doing a lot of traveling. All I want to do is see more of Texas right now. Next week Dustin and I are heading to either Austin, or Houston for our anniversary and I can't wait. We're only seven days into December and I feel like I've seen so much of Dallas. I just can't wait to explore more, meet new people, see and eat all new things. 



Visiting with Loved Ones

Although I'm 2,000 miles away from all of my family, I can still spend time with them. My sisters have been heading over to my parents and we've all been face-timing, which has been amazing. I get to see everyone, which makes me 100% happier. I've been snap chatting my sisters like crazy, and just seeing their faces makes me feel  that much closer this holiday season. It's definitely hard being so far away from my family, but I'm managing. Last week, I was having a rough day, when my best friend Lauren told me the best news... She surprised me with a visit! She's flying in this Thursday, and it came as a total surprise. I instantly started crying tears of joy. I cried for about an hour straight, and I still just can't shake this feeling. I'm so incredibly happy, and just can't wait to hug the crap out of her. Luckily for her, I took two days off in a row this week for our Austin/Houston trip (we still can't decide where to go) so of course I'm inviting her and her boyfriend along. Dustin and I have only been in Texas for a little over three months now, but the homesickness is finally settling in. This spontaneous trip Lauren planned was such good timing, and I just can't wait to see her!



Recycling & Shopping

Since I've been here in Dallas, I've noticed something a bit different. Everyone here is so stylish! I'm definitely not in a small town anymore. What I love about Dallas, and Texas in general is that it's a melting pot of various types of people, style and food. I've met some of the nicest people here in Dallas, and so far to be honest, I kind of LOVE Texas. The girls that I work with have been so helpful in showing me the way, and suggesting great places to shop, dine, and just explore. Now that I have a nice walk in closet, I've been doing a lot of assessing and updating my wardrobe. I've been packing up all the clothes I no longer wear, and reselling them. Dallas has a ton of cute resale shops, and for that I'm super grateful. I've been doing a lot of recycling and shopping this December. What I truly love about resale shops is that you can sell your clothes, and in exchange get store credit, or cash. I've been snagging a ton of store credit and doing a whole lot of shopping lately. The best thing about all of this? I'm not spending a dime. I've picked up  cute t-shirts, jewelry, and tons of new high-waist ed shorts. I feel as though the past three months, have been a time of total transformation and I'm loving it. 


Getting Festive

Alright, lets be real, I can't totally skip Christmas... Even though it's holiday time, I'm just not feeling it. Unlike Maine, Texas isn't really very cold, or full of snow this time of year. Without the snow, or being surrounded by my loved ones, I'm just not feeling very festive. I think that's what's been so hard this month, is knowing I won't be there on Christmas day to hug my parents, and share a meal with them. It's definitely been hard on me, being so far away from my big family, but that comes with the territory of really moving anywhere. This December I'm going to try to make an effort to get a little festive. I've already watched Elf, my favorite Christmas movie...while sipping eggnog, which definitely helped me feel the holiday spirit. Dustin and I are going to be taking a trip to Grapevine AKA the Christmas capital of Texas. Luckily for us, Grapevine is only like twenty minutes away. It's a cute town full of wineries, good food, and small town charm. It's definitely the most beautiful small town I've ever seen. I'm excited to see it all decked out for Christmas, and partake in any fun festivities I can find. Although I'm not feeling the holiday spirit, I'm determined to have some fun this month. 



Making New Goals

For me December is all about getting ready for the new year. I can't believe how fast 2016 flew by. I feel like this year for me, was all about personal growth. I learned how to let go, pick myself up, and move on. 2016 was all about letting go of toxicity in my personal life. I tried to mend broken friendships, and in result I just had to let go. As much as it sucked at the time, looking back at it, I wish I had let go sooner. Sometimes you just need to let go of the things, and the people the poison your spirit. This year for me, was filled with moments of growth and I'm so very thankful. As this month begins to come to a close, I'm going to be doing a lot of evaluating over this past year. December 1st I bought a new planner for 2017 and I'm so very excited. This December, everything seems so much clearer and I can't wait to begin goal setting and planning for the upcoming year. 

What are you doing this December? I'd love to hear!



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