March Favorites

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday! Today has been a very eventful day to say the least, with Easter and Maine Maple Sunday, it's kept Dustin and I quite occupied. I'm relieved to get the chance to finally sit down at the computer and type up a blog post. Today I decided to do something a little different here on the blog: monthly beauty favorites. Something I've been meaning to do from the very beginning of starting up this darling lifestyle/beauty blog. So today, I'm starting another monthly post project, geared towards my favorite beauty products of the month. For me, March was all about re-vamping my look, from my hair, makeup and right down to my skincare. With spring in the air, why not try out a new look, a dark lip, a new lip get the idea. Read on to see what made the cut for my March Favorites!


Tartelette Tease Palette

For spring, I've been absolutely obsessed with this tinsy winsy eye shadow palette. It's so fresh, easy for everyday, but can truly deliver a solid smokey eye. I love this versatile palette because it's chocked full of everyday neutrals with a mix of brights and glitter shades. You can truly amp up your look with this palette, which is tiny enough to fit into your back pocket, and safe enough to toss into your gym bag. This has been my every day go to since receiving this palette as gratis. This palette is literally for everyone - girly, boho, chic, edgy you name it you can wear it. Besides, the packaging is just so cute you can't help but want it displayed on your vanity. 



Tarteist Clay Paint Liner

First things first: I scored this clay paint liner (with an amazing brush included) for $9.50!! Thanks to Ulta, and their amazing beauty steals (which I can now get because I'm no longer an employee - yay!) I scored this normally $24.00 eyeliner for 50% off, and with a coupon, I only paid $9.50! I was so happy to save a whole lot of money on this beauty must have. I'm going to be honest, I had no idea what the hype was about this clay liner...but I had to find out. This liner has been all over Instagram, and almost on every gal doing a thick winged liner. When I finally had the chance to play with this little guy....I was OBSESSED. The tiny liner brush that's included is one of the best I've used, hands down. I love the fact that the tube is squeezable, and you can dispense as much or as little product as you want, and easy slips back into the tube. Let me just say this: if you're having trouble applying eyeliner, in the least need this in your life! The brush makes creating a sleek winged liner completely doable, and effortless. I love the brush because it makes me feel a little more connected to my makeup artistry background, like you're truly an artist at work. I love this clay liner because it's very black, and truly stays in place all day. 



Life Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

Ever since reading about this little miracle worker, I knew I had to try it. For those of you that aren't aware what Rosehip seed oil does, here's a little background on it's benefits: helps to heal scarring and photo-aging, delays the affects of aging, assists in cellular rejuvenation, creates a more even appearance, effectively moisturizes skin, promotes collagen (smoother, plumper looking skin) Basically what I'm getting at here is this cold-pressed organic oil is a miracle worker for the skin. I'm currently mixing it with my Banish serum at night, and I'm very impressed at the improvement it's done to my skin - within one month of use. My skin looks more even, hydrated, and radiant overall. I'm loving the fact that it's super lightweight, non-greasy and it slips quickly into my skin and promotes cell turnover. I still have a little big of scarring I need to take care of and this little oil has worked numbers on my skin. I have a few friends that use this oil as well, and their skin always looks so healthy and glowing, and I finally understand what the hype was about. If you're looking for a nighttime serum, but don't want to spend a fortune, let this be your go-to.