Another Year Older

Hello lovelies! as many of you may have guessed... This post is about turning another year older! I was born on April 8, 1993 meaning I will be turning 23! It's crazy to think I'm closer to being 25 years old. As some may assume I'm afraid of 25 creeping close, I'm not in the least bit.

I'm proud of all that I've accomplished in my short 23 years of existence. 

In the small amount of time I've spent on this earth, I've accomplished quite a bit for 23. I've overcome struggle, accomplished many goals, and seen my fair share of pain. I'm so incredibly proud of myself and all I've managed to overcome. It took me twenty years to finally come to terms with myself, and love all that I am, flaws and all.

I love the woman I've become, because I fought hard to become her. 

In my 23 years on this earth I've achieved so many of my dreams already: publishing my work in magazines, attending college, buying my first car on my own, all the while learning to love every moment of each and every day. It took me years to overcome depression and anxiety, and I'm proud to say that I'm a woman comfortable in her own skin, happier than she's ever been. I'm happy to say in 23 years I've become the woman I've always wanted to be. I spend my days striving to be the best person I can be alongside my best friend and lover. I love the career path I've chosen because it allows me to help empower women and encourage self love and acceptance. I'm thankful to be in a healthy, loving relationship with the man of my dreams, while working hard for our future together. 

In 23 years of existence, I'm overcome so much and I'm thankful to still be standing on this earth.

Today, I'm not sure what our plans are, but I'm excited to celebrate another year older. I didn't create a birthday wishlist, or ask for anything specific this year. To be quite honest, I have everything I truly need and for that I'm grateful. Sure, I have wants, but being alive and healthy is what truly matters to me. Dustin has had my birthday planned for two weeks, and I'm excited to see what tricks and treats he has up his sleeves. Last night I was delivered all off the photographs from my free mini photo shoot and I'm pumped to have more photos of Dustin and I. That was the sweetest early birthday present I could have asked for. I'm so ready to make prints and start framing them and decorating our home. This year, I think I'm going to spoil myself with a brand new laptop and DSLR. I've always wanted to invest in a decent camera to document our adventures together, and I think I'm going to do just that this year. Today I'm excited to grow another year older alongside my best friend. Today I'm going to embrace uncertainty and live in the moment...and hopefully eat some birthday cake. Cheers!