Sneak Peek: Modeling for Darling Photography

Hello lovelies! Life lately has been nothing but wonderful lately. I'm feeling more alive and full of energy now more than ever due to winter being on it's deathbed. I'm grateful for this gorgeous spring weather to finally have arrived. Today I'm sharing with you my experience with modeling for Darling Photography. Several days ago, I saw a "model call" for Darling Photography. I've always loved Jenn's work, and jumped at the chance to snag a free session with her. Jenn was offering a free session to a "couple in love" to help train another photographer. I was overjoyed to have locked down a date with Jenn, and to have finally networked with a few other Maine based photographers. Being in a creative industry, you have to network, and make other creative entrepreneur friends. Jenn had us wear semi-formal attire, as she was teaching her photographer friend, Mac Chambers about how to photograph a bride and groom on their wedding day. Of course I felt it unnecessary to wear an actual wedding dress, and went with my first instinct: a burgundy lace dress. Dustin chose jeans, his nicest boots and a black button up shirt. We aren't very matchy-matchy as you can tell. We drove an hour away, on a rainy, yet warm day to Jenn's studio. Her studio was very girly, and yet super chill. Both Jenn and Mac were super down to earth and such lovely human beings. They played music for us, made us dance around, and most importantly, took gorgeous photo's of us! Mac wanted to take us outside shoot in the rain, very much like "The Notebook" and of course we were all for it. We had such a blast being models for both Mac and Jenn. Today I'm sharing a handful of the photo's I have received from both Mac and Jenn. However, I am still expecting more and will most definitely be sharing several more!

Note: The first photo is by Darling Photography, the rest, however were taken by Mac Chambers

This is Jenn's space where she mainly does boudoir shoots, but I fell in love with the backdrop and had to snuggle up on the bed for them to capture a few close, intimate moments. 

For this shoot I wore my favorite burgundy lace dress that I purchased for $10! I also rocked my natural curls (yep, that's natural baby!)

Mac and Jenn had us pose in front of this gorgeous, floral backdrop. They even had us slow dance to Sara Bareilles, to capture close moments. We weren't that great at dancing, but it as definitely a memorable experience. 

This gem right here was taken outside in the rain. For a rainy day, it sure was warm. But really, how cute is Dustins smile? and that beard!


Overall, we had an amazing experience working with both Jenn (Darling Photography) and Mac. Mac was super sweet and really took the time to focus on us, to get all the little moments and the big ones too. And again, the first photo was shot by Jenn, and the rest was done by Mac Chambers. As soon as I receive more from Jenn and Mac, I will definitely share more with you all!