March Goals

Hello lovelies and happy Saturday! Today I decided to do something a little different. Usually I do "month in review" posts, but today, I'm just not feeling it. To be honest, I'm not sure why, because I had a very good month in February, super productive and successful, all around. I'll keep it short and sweet & tell you just five things I accomplished in the month of February.


5 on February

  • Accomplishments: I lost seven pounds, no joke! I've been eating super clean and in the gym 3-5 days out of the week and it's finally paying off! And... Dustin caught on too, he decided to jump in on the fitness bandwagon and get healthier. I've never been so proud of him, his energy levels are at an all time high and we're both happier as a result.
  • Accomplishments: I revamped my look for Spring! Two of my good friends from beauty school gave me a FREE cut & color, something I wasn't expecting. It truly pays to be a kind-hearted individual  & a supportive friend. I wasn't expecting to feel 100% different after my color appointment, but I was blown out of the water, I feel gorgeous, confident, and on-top of my game. I'm loving my look & I'm truly feeling great about the skin I'm in. 
  • Accomplishments: A very big dream of mine came true, something I've wanted for a very long time. I won't bore you with the details but I'm excited for what is to come, and I'm feeling so much better about my future. I will say this: I've pushed and worked so hard for this and it's a beautiful thing to finally earn something I've always wanted. 
  • Accomplishment: We hit the $1000 mark! To those of you who aren't sure what this means, let me explain... My guy and I decided to open a separate savings account to save for a few key, important things to ensure our future together runs smoothly. We also took out a very small loan together months ago to help build our credit together. Dustins credit has always been outstanding, and mine is finally at the 700 mark! We're so excited to be building our future together, slowly, but surely. 
  • Accomplishments: This month I knew I needed to tie up a few loose ends, make emends, and do my thing. I needed to do a few "good for the soul" things, to clear my conscious and move on. I'm happy to have cleared a few things up, and get things off my chest. In result, I'm feeling lighter as a whole, care-free and more myself.


March Goals

  • Health: Work on building upper body & core strength
  • Health: Meal prep the day prior for both Dustin & I (saves so much money!)
  • Health: Continue to go on weekend walks with Dustin & motivate him.
  • Health: Stay on track & eat clean - fruits & veggies!
  • Blog: Consistency is key, post more often, quality over quantity!
  • Blog: Plan posts in planner, or find a place to write down post ideas-besides your phone
  • Blog: Keep up with beauty favorites/reviews
  • Personal: Save $1,500 this month & deposit into our separate savings account
  • Personal: Keep rockin' my natural curls, avoid hot tools (I just lightened my hair, go take a peek on the previous post!)
  • Personal:Embrace your new, chaotic schedule and enjoy the ride
  • Personal: Find quiet time for yourself and allow yourself to relax in the slow moments
  • Personal: Write your heart out and speak to what's important to you, let your voice be loud & heard.