Modeling for Darling Photography

Hello lovelies! In my previous post "Sneak Peek: Modeling for Darling Photography" I mentioned Dustin and I locked down a free couples photo shoot by two Maine based photographers. Jen, at Darling Photography was hosting a mentor session, based on wedding photography. Jen had requested we wear formal clothes, to mimic an elopement, or wedding. Dustin and I aren't very "formal" we typically never dress up that much, but for this occasion it was pretty fun. Typically, this style of shooting is not my first choice, but hey, gorgeous free photos and getting to network with other Maine entrepreneurs? Who wouldn't jump at the chance? We shot in her studio as well as in the pouring rain (super cute, and pretty dreamy if you ask me) it was definitely an experience. If you would like more information about my session with Jenn and Mac, check out my previous post!


The following photos are done by Darling Photography

I decided to go with the flow for the shoot, these  are my natural curls, can you believe it? 

How sweet is this? Super cliche, but we had a lot of fun dancing around to Jen's Ipod.

Jen and Mac were destined to get an intimate "The Notebook" worthy shot in the rain, needless to say, we managed to snap a few.

Kisses in the rain are pure bliss.

Jenn and Mac were shocked that these were my real eyelashes, they were convinced since I do makeup professionally, that these were falsies. 

The following photos are done by Megan Angela Chambers


Mac had Dustin prepare for the "big day" by snapping shots of him tying a tie, buttoning his shirt, and fiddling with his collar. 

I loved these close, intimate shots. Just look at that contour ladies :)

Again, loved these precious, one on one moments. I'm thankful that Dustin is super comfortable behind the camera, and it's easy for him to showcase his love for me. 

One of my favorite shots, I love that Dustin and I are both smirking in this one, it's too cute.

His smiles are so contagious and any little smirk. or toothy grin can light up my face.