April Goals

Hello there lovelies, today I'm sharing a few of my April goals. I wish I could have posted this a little bit sooner, but at least I'm setting myself up for success this month. April has already been the loveliest month! To share just a bit... April is my my birthday month and I had the most incredible birthday! I wasn't expecting much for my birthday, but Dustin seriously surprised and made it a very special day. To recap, he woke me up with a cute breakfast, while packing a lunch to go on a picnic...how cute is that? We ended up hitting a few of our favorite ocean spots, and had a nice picnic while watching the massive waves. We lucked out because it had been incredibly warm and sunny out that day which made everything that much better. He then drove in town Portland and told me he had a big surprise for me. He walked me into Soakology, which is a small tea house and foot sanctuary spa, somewhere I had always wanted to go! I instantly had tear filled eyes, and felt overwhelmingly loved. We sat down, ordered from the massive list of teas, and were instructed to chose a foot soak from the spa menu. Dustin then chimed in that he had me booked in for a twenty minute head neck and shoulder massage...I yet again teared up. It was the sweetest most thoughtful surprise. We had the nicest, most relaxing day, which ended with homemade chocolate lava cake. On top of all of the birthday fun, I was also asked to model for a few photographers - how cool is that?This April has already been so very sweet and filled with nothing but good things. Today I am sharing with you just a few of my April Goals, what are yours? I'd love to hear yours!



  • Maintain a gym schedule - Four days at minimum for the week. 
  • Pack healthy lunches for work - More salads, more veggies, all clean eats.
  • Save money - We met our goal last month of $1,500, our minimum goal for April is $200, but we're aiming to go above and beyond!
  • Be active on days off - On our days off we're aiming to get in some sort of physical activity together, whether it's a hike or just a leisurely stroll downtown. 
  • Drink more water - I've been slacking on this lately, and I've been experiencing numerous headaches and cravings for h20. It's time to step up my water intake overall. 
  • Have a coffee date with friends - This one is important. One of my best friends just returned from a cruise, and is always on the go, she's a huge travel bug and I'm dying to have another coffee date with her. Coffee dates just help my sanity overall. 
  • Purchase picture frames - I've had a few photo shoots this month and I'm in awe of how beautiful everything came out. I'd like to start collecting frames to begin decorating.



  • Post schedule - Schedule and creating posts prior to working full weeks make my site traffic stay at an all time high, while keeping me on track. 
  • More beauty - I've been slacking this month on the "beauty" section of my blog....which is ironic because I live, eat, sleep beauty. Working full time hours and trying to balance a social life, keep my body in tip top shape and managing to blog is a lot of work. This month I want to start posting more beauty related posts. 
  • Share something personal - This month I feel it's time to share something personal with my readers, maybe just a monthly check in, or a story...anything!