Life Lately + Instagram Round Up

Hello lovelies, it's felt like it's been a long while since I've done a "life lately" post so today, we're changing that. This April has been nothing short of pure bliss, filled with incredible surprises and fun adventures. Today I decided to do a different version of my very plain jane "life lately" posts and switch it up today. I'm going to try to make it a point each month to do a monthly Instagram round up. Today I'm sharing ten photos that sum up how the month of April went for me. Are you following me on Instagram yet? if not scroll to the very bottom of my blog and click on the Instagram icon!

  1. This month I entered Sephoras very intense training and it was a total blast! I was amazed by how in-depth the brand training was. I loved that we had 9 days of intense, hands on training from brands, Sephora ethics, makeup artistry, and everything under the sun! Learning Sephora standards, as well as how they perform certain makeup services blew my mind. I'm absolutely obsessed with this company and am over the moon happy to be apart of the Sephora family.
  2.  This month I made it a point to see all those close to me, including my very best friends. I went out for a coffee date/shopping trip with one of my besties, Lauren, and we spent the entire day catching up as per normal. Lauren is one of my very best friends, someone so sweet and genuine and I always enjoy my time with her. We hit up the Apple Store in the Maine Mall so she could purchase an Apple watch, and then we went to go visit our good friend Jess. Lauren, Jess and I all attended school together so we've always been very close. Jess works part-time at Michael Kors in the mall, and Lauren said we had to go visit. We headed over, and they both encouraged me to pick something out for my birthday, a treat from the both of them. I was completely shocked and selected a medium sized cute black wristlet, while hugged the both of them for a total of ten minutes. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them both and I definitely have the most incredible girlfriends a girl could ask for. 
  3. In early April we were asked to do modeling for a couples session. We were excited to have more nice frame-worthy couples photos. For years, we never had any photos together, I just wasn't big into taking photos, but clearly, that's changed. This was a styled shoot, but we even shot in the rain, which was super fun! We loved dancing around, holding each other, and really just being ourselves in a fun environment. What I loved most about this session was that I received a ton of photos from two amazing photographers, and at absolutely no cost to us, the entire session was free!
  4. My birthday was a very memorable day for me this year. Dustin surprised and booked us for an hour session at Soakology - a tea house and foot sanctuary in Portland. This is somewhere I had always wanted to go, everyone of my girlfriends had been, besides me and I had been dying to go. When we arrived, I broke down in tears, feeling overwhelmingly loved. I was greeted with tea and foot soak menus and big smiles. Dustin hugged me tightly and told me he had also added on a thirty minute head neck and shoulder massage, making me cry even more. I selected the "Clarity of The Mind" foot soak which included grapefruit, lime, rosemary, acai and detoxifiying bath salts. Dustin also chose a foot soak, which I had no idea which one because I was so consumed by the lovely, uplifting aroma of my own. We spent an hour casually sipping tea, and relaxing, which was much needed.  It was such a sweet and thoughtful birthday gift, and definitely the loveliest experience of turning 23. 
  5. This April Dustin and I both had been very good - diet as well as exercise. We've both been making amazing progress and making an effort to be better. One day we just couldn't hold off anymore and went out for Ben and Jerrys ice cream. That day it was 70's and we hit up our closest Ben and Jerrys and indulged in a tasty treat. Sometimes you just have to cheat and eat whatever you fancy. 
  6. Dustin and I for the past two weekends have been exploring our favorite place: The White Mountains. It's a beautiful National Forest in North Conway New Hampshire. With so many beautiful spots, it takes a long time to explore all of them. Last weekend we explored Diana's Bath, filled with gorgeous waterfalls all around. In this photo, Dustin was clearly mesmerized by the waterfalls. 
  7. This photo was taken in the White Mountains as well, but in a different location: Lower Falls. I grew up swimming in Lower Falls in the humid Maine summers, and it was always so much fun. There are so many beautiful waterfalls to explore, but this spot is especially fun, where you can easily swim around and not be attacked by harsh current. Dustin had a blast climbing all over the rocks.
  8. This weekend we also visited the White Mountains, bringing a long our friend Zach. This photo was taken at Echo Lake State Park, a beautiful summer spot for swimming. We were all mesmerized by the very green water, it was absolutely gorgeous, and super warm out that day. 
  9. The same day we went to Echo Lake we also went to Diana's Bath again because Zach wanted to see it. It was about 60 degrees out, but perfect weather for hiking. Dustin and Zach went one way, and I headed the other. I was laying down on the rocks admiring the waterfall when a huge husky named Whiskey came running at me. The dog pounced on me, soaking my face with puppy love and accidentally knocked my favorite sunglasses off of my head and into the water. The couple with the dog decided to make it their duty to find my sunglasses, in the pretty deep water and actually succeeded. The man was relieved to have found them, and I gratefully shook his hand and ended up playing with Whiskey for awhile. It was definitely an eventful day for the three of us, and we always seem to have the craziest stories. 
  10. This picture was taken yesterday, at Old Orchard Beach. The water was a beautiful blue, but very cold still, as it was quite windy by the ocean yesterday. I absolutely love the ocean, and practically live at it, all year round. Dustin and I are always walking around, aimlessly exploring, constantly wandering all over New England and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

How was your month in review? If you aren't following me on Instagram yet, let's be friends and keep up with each others adventures. Cheers!