Hello darlings and happy Tuesday! I was super busy yesterday I didn't have the chance to squeeze in a blog post which makes me so sad. I love writing my "Monday Mantras" more than anything, but one day away from the computer wont cripple me. I have been so incredible BUSY lately that I've been slightly neglecting my blog, but I'm determined to change that this month. Between work, hitting the gym constantly, and balancing everyday life I am pooped out. I'm so happy that it's a new month, a fresh start with new goals and a different agenda. April was one hell of a good month for me, I'm hoping May will be the same. Today I will be discussing my personal goals for the month, what are yours for the month of May? I'd love to hear!


April mini recap:

April was such an incredible month for me, and I'm destined to make this May truly count. I created an entire blog post on the month of April in review in my "Life Lately + Instagram Round Up" so I won't be discussing too much of what went on today. April was all around the best month in terms of working out, eating healthy, staying on track and really just a great month mentally for me. Lately I've been still managing to squeeze in four gym sessions a week on top of work, which for me is key to staying sane. I also made it a key point to begin to SLOWLY cut dairy out of my life, even though it has always been a big part of it. Over the years I have noticed that dairy has wrecked havoc on my skin as well as my GI tract. I have been dairy free for about three weeks now and have already noticed a huge change in my energy levels, skin, and digestive health. I don't feel uncomfortable, bloated or sick to my stomach which for me, is a big deal. Lately I have been doing a lot of research into the food I consume, and how it affects the body and I feel like I'm so much more aware now. Other than concentrating heavily on work, exercise and watching the food I consume, life lately has been pretty incredible. Towards the end of April I had already decided on what I wanted to focus on in the month of May, and to be quite honest, it's nothing but "health" related goals. This month is all about achieving balance in my every day life, and becoming the best version of me. 


May Goals:

  • Make the gym a top priority - I've been so good at hitting the gym 4-5 days out of the week on top of a crazy  work schedule and I'm still reaping the benefits. My head feels so much clearer, my skin has a glow to it and overall, I feel incredible. I'm so much stronger as a whole, my lower body strength is incredible, and my abs finally have way more definition than ever. I'm so happy to truly be loving the skin I'm in. I think it's crucial that every woman loves their body, regardless of their size/shape. Hitting the gym 4-5 days out of the week has helped me get to a point where I feel so secure and proud of the body I have. I love that I have a petite womanly pear shape, I have finally accepted and embraced my wide hips and pale skin. This month I want to concentrate heavily on building my upper body strength and achieve more definition in my arms as a whole. 
  • Drink more h20 - I'll totally admit it, I suck at drinking water throughout my day. I tend to drink more water if I'm at the gym than if I'm just hanging around the house. It's hard at work, where I am always with a client, or running around taking care of business. We're aloud to have a bottle of water on the floor, and I need to be better at filling up my water bottle prior to my shift. If I could drink more water at work that would be most ideal in helping to stay hydrated throughout my day. 
  • Grow my hair long & strong - When the new year hit, I made a definite hair goal for 2016: to grow my hair out. For years I've always rocked a short asymmetrical bob, and I still am obsessed with that cut. It's my favorite style to cut and definitely the most edgy. I decided when I left the salon for a while, I would grow my hair out, and get it back to a healthy state. For the past eight months, I have avoided hot tools at all costs (so incredibly difficult for a hairdresser!) and rocked my natural curls. I have seen a huge change in the texture of my hair from doing so, it's not silky soft and has grown pretty long. My hair hasn't been this long since I first entered Cosmetology school, which for me is a big deal. I can finally rock my favorite styles - messy buns, pony-tails, braids, you name it I can do it. This month I'm challenging myself to use more hair masks, and really treat my hair to a lot of TLC.
  • Step-up my skincare game - When I entered the beautiful world of Sephora in March, I knew it was time to step up my skincare game. May 1st I decided it was time to make a huge investment in my skin. I purchased a very hi-tech, award winning skincare tool and I'm absolutely OBSESSED. My skin has never looked this good! When I was attending SpaTech I would regularly get facials, and my skin still wasn't perfect. Now that I invested in this tool, my skin has done a complete 360! My skin has a radiant glow, it looks and feels so soft and smooth. I will be doing a big review on this tool, as well as sharing my first impression in the next couple of days. . This month I'm making it a priority to step up my game, and achieve healthier looking skin. 


For me, May is all about being the best version of me. I would like to start practicing better self-care as well as making my health a top priority. This past week my family and I received a bit of terrible news in terms of health, and it made me do quite a bit of evaluating. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she will be receiving a double mastectomy. My dad called to tell me that he was worried, because breast cancer now runs on both sides of our family. For me, that was one more reason to take the BEST care of my body I can. I come from a family full of health related problems - diabetes, heart disease, cancer, you name it. That is why being the healthiest I can is one of my top priorities in life. We all should practice the best self care so we can make the most out of this one life. Life is precious, and you should always stay grateful, happy and humble. This May I am fully focused on taking the best care of my body, mind and spirit.