5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This June

Hello lovelies and happy June! This month I decided to do something a little different from my monthly goals. Life lately has been nothing but chaotic with work, balancing every day life, my relationship, and trying to prepare for something big (I'll be sharing in a few days, don't miss it!) I'm in awe that it's already a week into June, one of the nicest months here in Maine. I'm trying to squeeze in as many New England adventures as I can (there's a big hint as to our big news! - promise I won't keep you waiting much longer!) We're trying to make the most out of our time left here in New England with mini adventures all over. This June I'm looking forward to what comes next. This June is all about celebrating the little things, and admiring New England, Maine, and the tiny town we live in. This month is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come for us. Today I'm sharing with you 5 things I'm looking forward to this June, some big and some small things. 


5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This June

1.  Warm Weather - I guess you could consider June to almost be summer. I'm the type of gal who craves the heat, and absolutely hates the cold. Winters here in Maine bring out the worst in me, I get horrible anxiety and depression like most Mainers. The summertime is where I feel most like myself, and happy. I honestly hate living in a state where summer is only three months long, and winter feels like an eternity. I'm excited that June is finally here and warm weather is here, and warmer weather is on it's way. This weekend I reorganized my closet and came to a very sad truth: I own way more long sleeved shirts than short ones. I own a ton of summer maxi dresses and tank tops, but practically no t-shirts. And... I own basically two pair of jean shorts, how pathetic is that? I'm more prepared for a blizzard than a day in the sun. I definitely need to go shopping for more warm weather wear. 


2. More Outdoor Adventures - Like I said earlier in this post, I'm so pumped for warmer weather. I'm just flat out excited to break out my maxi dresses and flipflops. I'm ready for more adventures, period. Dustin and I practically live for road trips, and wandering aimlessly around New England. For the past six years, Dustin and I have gone on more trips than I can count, and I wouldn't have it any other way. You name it, we've seen it-in New England at least. Our hearts are filled with wanderlust and our hearts hungry for new adventures. I'm lucky to have a best friend who is always down to drive 3+ hours away just to try out a new restaurant. I've come to appreciate the beautiful state we live in even more because of our adventurous spirit.  This June I'm excited for more. More hikes, more late night cruises, more everything. 


3. Education/More Training - My last training/education for makeup & skincare was March, and I've been hungry for more ever since. Last week we were told that our district beauty educator will be coming to visit us June 30th for the day. Regardless if I'm scheduled, I'll most definitely be there. It's absolutely nuts the training we receive at Sephora, the best in the industry and I feel more knowledgeable and skilled in my field than ever. Working for Sephora has been a goal of mine since entering the beauty field. It's one of the most selective/competitive companies to break into and I'm proud to represent them. June 30th we will have education - hands on as well as brand training. The other aspect of training that I'm shocked about - we receive full sized gratis! Meaning we receive full sized products, and a ton of free makeup/skincare products, how amazing is that? This beauty obsessed girl can not wait for June 30th!


4. Old Port Fest, maybe? - We haven't entirely decided whether or not we're headed to the Old Port fest this year. I have that Sunday off from work and am not positive I want to go this year. Old Port fest is a huge festival located downtown Portland filled with live bands, food, beer, local vendors and is always super fun (but so crowded) In the past few years that I was working in salons in the Old Port, I was always working on the day the event was scheduled and was never able to attend. At the last Old Port Fest we were instantly turned off by the crazy amount of people and the fact that there was no parking anywhere. I ran into all of my friends from high school, and to be completely honest, it was just not worth it last year. This years lineup for bands is okay, but we don't listen to any of them. What I love about Old Port Fest is that it's the ultimate kick off to Summer in Maine, and it's always a ton of fun. The only reason I want to go this year is the fact that it will probably be our last Old Port Fest for awhile, and I want to see all of my friends in one spot. Whether we go or not, I'm excited that this is the start of fun summertime festivals across New England.


5. Planning/Prepping for our change - Dustin and I have been planning something big since November, and the time has almost come to go through with our big change. In just a few short months we will be onto the next adventure and I couldn't be more excited and ready for this change of pace. June means loosely planning our for our big change. I'm excited that the time is finally approaching, and we're getting closer to making a big life change. As promised earlier, I won't have you all waiting much longer. In the next few blog posts I will be revealing our big plans for our future together. June is all about getting ready, planning, and becoming one step closer to building the foundation for our future.