Real Talk: on Living my Healthiest Life

Lately, I've come to a big conclusion. Your past can define you, only if you let it. The way we all were raised, doesn't necessarily define you either. You are not a result of your upbringing. You, your life, your career and how you chose to lead your life is entirely up to you. We all are faced with many of the same choices in life, and we are all a result of those choices. With every little choice we make, we are carving out our own lifestyle. Healthy, or not we all make those choices. Today I realized a few things: 1. I'm doing really well from where I came from. 2. Life is unfair, but you chose your own fate. 

Today I'm getting real with you all so you can understand where I'm coming from.  Where I came from, health was not a priority. Exercise? Absolutely not. Eating healthy? We were too poor for that. A "healthy" lifestyle? we couldn't afford that either. Growing up, for me, was pretty rough. "We didn't have much" was a complete understatement. We didn't have anything, really, at all. We weren't your typical family, and it took me years to come to terms with that.

Coming from a family of five, with two disabled parents who did the best they could was sometimes not enough. My mom suffers from heart disease, a brain aneurysm and constant and severe depression. Growing up I was constantly belittled and verbally abused, and even at the age of 23 it still happens. Still til this day, it's really tough to be around her constant negative energy and I can only do so every so often. My dad had always pushed me to follow my dreams, and always encouraged me to live a healthy lifestyle. If I could change how I grew up, I absolutely wouldn't change a damn thing, because it shaped me into the person I am today. I grew up surrounded by a family full of smokers, health problems, and anxiety and depression. For years I felt like I was destined to be just like that, too. But then, it took me years to realize I was not defined by my surroundings. 

 I decided I didn't want to fall into the same pattern as my surroundings. I wanted more. To be more. And to do more. I didn't want my bedridden, depressed mother bring me down anymore. Moving away and distancing myself from all the toxic energy was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It took me years to realize that detaching from a toxic parent was necessary for my own overall health and happiness. And as bad as I feel for putting up a fence, sometimes you have to do whats in your best interest.

Choosing a different path, a healthier lifestyle was key to my own happiness. My past has shaped me into a healthier, more understanding person. When all the odds are stacked against you, when you have the weight of depression sitting on your chest, you feel helpless. I chose to feel differently. I chose to accept my past, where I came from, and let it shape me into the person I would become. I'm thankful for where I came from, because it taught me some very valuable lessons, here are just a few:

  1. Always, always be kind. You never know what battles others are faced with each day. 
  2. Your attitude is everything, absolutely everything. 
  3. Being happy & healthy are the only things in life that really matter.

I've always been a health nut, someone who strives to eat their healthiest. You can find me at the gym 4-5 days out of the week, breaking a sweat because I want simply to be that: happy & healthy. I chose to live my healthiest life because I owe it to myself. I want to be proud of who I am, where I came from, and who I am becoming. Through health & fitness, I found who I truly was. Just a girl who wants to live her happiest, healthiest life imaginable. I think that's partially why I started my lifestyle blog. To inspire, to teach, and to encourage women of all walks of life to be their best selves. That no matter what the obstacle, odds, we all can do and be more. Health & happiness is everything and each and every one of deserve it.