5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This September


Moving Cross Country

We FINALLY know where we're moving to! We've already knew the state that we would be moving to, but now, we know the exact city in which we will be transferred to! Dustin and I both were under the impression this August we would be moving. His company only set a "goal date" of when they wanted him to be down there, and start...but that plan failed. There wasn't any openings at the time for his specific shift, so we were forced to stay, patiently waiting here in Maine. This month has been crazy stressful for me, between getting everything together for our big move and just living life. As stressful as it is, not knowing exactly when we're moving, I'm slowly learning that sometimes somethings are just out of your control. Dustin and I are hoping that this September, we will finally be transferred, and begin our move across country. 


Spending Time with Family

This August, was absolutely insane for the both of us. I barely had any time to blog, let alone take a break from everything. August was filled with many highs and lows, and some very big surprises...(I'll share soon!) I've been working full time hours at Sephora for the past month and I'm beyond exhausted. This past week I worked six days in a row, and barely managed to make it to the gym. This September, I'm ready to spend more quality time with my family and closest friends before we make our big move. It's super important we get to spend time with everyone, at least once this month. 


Pumpkin Everything!

Yeah, I'm that girl. Being born and raised in New England, how could I not be completely obsessed with Fall? Although we probably wont be here to see October here in Maine, we will be around this upcoming month. September is the early start to Fall here in Maine. It's when the air gets crisp, and the leaves begin changing. This upcoming month I can't wait for Pumpkin spice everything.....lattes, breads, muffins, you name it, I'm ready for it! Something about fall makes me want to bake more, and spend more time at home. This September, I'm excited for all the little things. 


Fall Weather

I know, I'm totally crazy for wishing the summer away. As much as I love summer and the warm weather, we're moving to a state where it's warm year round. But, until we move, I'm excited for cooler temperatures. As much as I can't wait to be living somewhere where it's constantly sunny, I'm a huge fan of fall in Maine. September means it begins to get chilly. It's when you can finally start wearing long sleeves, and cute over sized scarves. If you look in my closet, I own way more sweaters than anything else. To be quite honest, I'm pretty nervous, because we're moving to a place where you rarely need pants, or long sleeved anything....which means I may need to do a little shopping (which I'm totally okay with!) But for now, while we're still here in Maine waiting for our date to move, I'm ready to wear cute sweaters, ankle booties, and all things Fall related. 


Getting Our Pictures Back

This August, a photographer friend of mine needed models for a couples shoot. As soon as I found out, I jumped at the chance for another shoot! How could anyone say no to a free couples shoot?! Britney and I  immediately began talking and set a date. This past week we went to one of our favorite spots in Halowell, Maine and had photos done. We spent about an hour with her, it was super laid back and just easy. The weather was absolutely perfect for our photo shoot that day, and I couldn't have been happier with the timing. This September I will be getting photos back from our shoot, and I can't wait! I recently just received a few sneak peaks, and I will be sharing them very soon with you all!