Sneak Peek: Our Photoshoot in Vaughn Woods

Just recently, I saw that one of my Instagram friends, Britney Kelley, was on the hunt for adventurous couples to shoot. I practically jumped at the chance to get photos done, and Britney was all for it. Dustin and I instantly knew where we wanted to do our couples session. We chose one of our favorite places in Maine, Vaughn Woods. It's a 166 acre property full of beauty, There are a ton of stone bridges, waterfalls, and plenty of places to explore. Some call these woods "Hobbit Land" because it looks straight out of Lord of The Rings or a fairy tale. On August 22, we drove to Vaughn Woods around 5:30pm, just a few hours before dusk. I remember it all perfectly, the weather was absolutely beautiful, just a little crisp, but perfect for pictures. Today I'm sharing two photos, just to give a quick glimpse into our session with Britney. 


This is definitely my favorite image I've received so far! How dreamy is this shot? In the middle of an open field was this gorgeous, tall tree, We couldn't resist snuggling up for a few shots underneath this old tree. The weather was beyond perfect for our shoot, I couldn't have been more pleased with our session with Britney. 


We fell head over heels in love with this wide open field. Britney had the idea of us standing in the middle of the field surrounded by the flowers and weeds, embracing each other. I couldn't have been more happy for how this shot turned out. The day in full was so so dreamy and filled with so much love. I can't wait to receive a few more shots from our shoot, and will post more very soon!