9 Things Moving Cross Country Taught Me

9 Things Moving Cross Country Taught Me


You realize what matters

Moving so far away from my family, friends and every single relationship I built along the way was definitely a tough moment of growth for me. When I finally found out we would be moving to Dallas, my whole perspective changed. I stopped thinking about all the little details, and put aside any negative thoughts I had regarding the subject. When it was finally a "for sure thing" that we would be moving almost 2,000 miles away from our home state, I realized what truly mattered: my family-first and foremost, my friends that I hold close, and Dustin and I's future together. 

And what doesn't....

Two weeks prior to our big move, I was SWAMPED with preparing for it all. I was finishing my last few weeks of work, packing, and making sure we would have a place to live when we arrived in Dallas. I was crazy stressed, and barely had any time to really enjoy my last few weeks in New England. This was a very good, and very bad situation to be in. Scrambling to pack, see family, and friends put things into perspective pretty quick. I realized what mattered, and who didn't. I didn't have time for negative comments, or negative people for that matter. There were some people who didn't care to stop by, or pick up the phone and wish us good luck on our new adventure, and that opened up my eyes. When you're pressed for time, and gearing up for a cross country move, you realize what truly matters, and what doesn't. 


You take a deeper look into yourself

When Dustin and I set off on our road trip to our new home in Dallas, it opened up my eyes to a lot of things. Having twenty nine hours of just the two of us (and our fur baby Pablo) driving on the highway, we had a lot of time to discuss our past, present and future. We talked for hours, analyzing our choices, and preparing ourselves for what was to come. Yes, it was a long trip, but it gave us the time we needed to reflect and prepare for our journey in a new state. 


 It puts your future desires into perspective

Again, when Dustin and I were on the highway, we had a lot of time to daydream together. We talked about our careers, and goals for the future. I'm a big day dreamer and planner, so this time was helpful, and necessary. I wrote down many goals for myself, and my career. We also talked about our future together, marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. This time was helpful for us to get on the same page and prepare for our future as a whole. 


Driving cross country is NOT glamorous

Some may think taking a road trip, a long one, and moving to another state will be filled with fun, picturesque stops along the way - it's not always as glamorous as you would think. I thought Dustin and I would have ample time to stop along the way, and pose with all the state signs, and see various sights, but it wasn't that way at all. We needed to get to our apartment, sign our lease, and start work immediately. We didn't have time to really see much, but what when we did stop to look around, it was a breath of fresh air. Driving cross country, for twenty nine hours with your cat in your lap, and not being able to sleep in your own bed each night is just not as fun as I had planned. I was extremely thankful that Pablo didn't mind the car ride, he was calm the entire time and slept peacefully in our laps.


You get to share big milestones with your significant other

Dustin and I had never moved out of Maine. Hell, we never really "moved" anywhere. Two weeks prior to our final move date, we were engaged, and preparing for our future together. We had already knew we eventually wanted to get married some day, and build our lives together, but everything came all at once. The day we got engaged, I was excited, ready, and eager to begin our lives together. Then, when our final move date arrived, I was nervous. Nervous to finally be moving forward, and taking a big risk. As scared as I was to be moving almost 2,000 miles away from Maine, I felt that much more at peace because I was doing it alongside my fiance. Being able to move so far away, and sharing this milestone in our lives together, brought us that much closer together. Signing a lease, and building our home together, and working together as partners, has tested us and forced us to work as a team. Moving cross country has given us more patience and understanding of one another that I ever thought imaginable. 


It opens up your eyes to a whole new world

Driving and seeing new parts of the country truly opened up my eyes. Living in Maine all my life, I never realized how sheltered I truly was. In my twenty three years of existence, I only saw New England, New York, and various states close by. I never realized how much I hadn't experienced. Just by driving, and sightseeing, it truly made me realize how much more life I had to live. I had plenty of things to eat, to see, and experience. I had more people to meet, new friendships to build, and more connections to make. As much as I love my home state of Maine, I'm excited and ready to see more parts of the country. I can't wait to share new life experiences with my fiance, while we slowly build our home together. 


Moving is a huge dose of growth

As I'm sure of many of my readers have done so already, moving, even if it's to a new town, is a game changer. Moving for me, was a huge dose of growth. I'm sure if I was just a few miles down the road, I wouldn't have felt this different. Or I wouldn't have experienced all the emotions I had when moving so far away from home. When we began our journey, I realized that my safety blanket, the familiarity of my home state had quickly been removed. I was vulnerable, and I didn't know anything about where I was headed. I only knew a few people in Texas, but they wouldn't be next door to help me if I needed it. Not being able to drive to my parents if I needed something, truly scared the hell out of me. It taught me I needed to solely rely on my self just that much more. I will honestly say I feel extremely thankful to be sharing all these new, sometimes scary experiences with my best friend. 



You realize life it too short to be anything but happy

When Dustin and I told our families that out move was finally official, we were showered with excitement. I was surprised no one was disappointed, or too upset that we would be leaving. Above all else, I was happy that everyone was so excited for us. I remember everyone saying "this will be an adventure of a lifetime" or "do it while you're young, just go out and live a little." Their excitement helped me feel better about the fact that I would be leaving them. As sad as I was to be without my family, I was ready. Ready to start living the life I wanted, and experiencing all the new, unfamiliar things Dallas had to offer. I realized that I just had to keep plugging away, and never stop doing the things that made me the happiest. Moving taught me that life was too short to be somewhere that didn't no longer excite me.