Things To Love About Living in Dallas

Hello lovelies! My last post really got to me, I talked about Maine, and how it will always be "home." I truly do miss Maine, it's where I want to settle down one day, Maine isn't so much a place for me, it's a way of life. For me, Maine is just who I am as a person, it's the place where I feel most whole, most like myself. I miss Maine so so much, and I know that one day I will be back very soon buying my first "home" and settling down. As much as I love my home state, there are things I LOVE about living in Dallas! Today I'm sharing with you all the things I love about living in Texas!




  1. Dallas is a melting pot of different people, style, and cultures. I'm constantly learning about different customs, and religions. It's just so interesting just to simply listen to others.
  2. The Dallas Farmers Market is absolutely incredible - you have the "market" which has your typical food being sold, and various vendors. Then you have the "Barn" which is filled with small shops, tiny bakeries, and several different restaurants- from vegan options to Vietnamese, like I said....Dallas is a melting pot
  3. Dallas is smack dab in the middle of EVERYTHING! Austin and Houston is only 2ish hours away, and navigating is super easy! If you want to catch a flight to Cali, Mexico, ect, it's super cheap because you're that close. Adventure awaits, and you have plenty of options being right in Dallas.
  4. The FOOD options are ENDLESS! Southerners truly know how to cook, and do it well! You can find any type of food, within ten miles of the city. Though, I kind of hate that there's a sonic within one mile of our apartment...sometimes temptation is too much. It's truly remarkable how many delicious options are around, for whatever you're craving, you have so many choices. 
  5. North Park Center & The Galleria are the nicest malls I've ever seen. They essentially have all the shops you want, and more. I love going to North Park Center because it's packed full of art and sculptures, it's never a boring day at that mall. Both malls have at least three floors and are filled with a mixture of low and high end stores. Sometimes I just go to grab a coffee and window shop, it really is that fun.
  6. The Parks are incredible! I love within six-ish miles of White Rock Lake, it's a nine mile public park, which does include a dog park that wraps around the lake and has so many scenic vistas. Dustin and I sometimes just go to the dog park to play with dogs and meet other people, it's always a fun way to make new friends! The lake is beautiful, and provides me with a good dose of nature when I begin to miss home. 
  7. Deep Ellum is essentially Portland, Maine. Deep Ellum reminds me so much of home, and every time I visit I get a little homesick. It's filled with a ton of art, various music venues, and a ton of nightlife! I love visiting Deep Ellum because there's a ton of gorgeous graffiti on all of the walls, from extremely talented artists. I was shocked to find out one of my favorite famous tattoo artist-Josh Peck own a shop right downtown, how cool is that?! Deep Ellum is definitely one of the coolest areas I've seen so far in Dallas. 
  8. Downtown is just gorgeous, filled with so many beautiful sights, smells and various areas to explore. It's never a dull moment strolling downtown Dallas. You see the Farmers Market, the Arboretum, outdoor flower shops, and the beautiful city skyline. Dallas is definitely charming, and highly photogenic.
  9. The State Parks are filled with beauty! Dustin and I have already written down a big list of state parks we're dying to visit! The one I'm dying to explore is Big Bend - full of cavers, canyons, caves, and gorgeous scenery. We're such outdoorsy people we just have to explore everything!
  10. The people are incredibly friendly, and very generous! When I first arrived, I saw so many beautiful, absolutely gorgeous people. I felt as if I just wouldn't fit in, or I would be seen as "just a northerner." To my surprise, everyone was super, super friendly. Working at Sephora, I come into contact with hundreds of different people and all of them, men and women are just so friendly and curious. It's nice to be surrounded by a city full of friendly people. 

Like I said, as much as I miss Maine, Texas has so many charming qualities! It may not have all of my mountains, lakes and rivers, but it has it's own beauty. My fiance and I have only been here since the end of September, and I still feel a calling to get out of the house as much as I can and just explore. I could never be a homebody, especially moving to a city, what's the point of moving if you can't get out and explore? Moving to a new state, I feel inclined to give it a chance, before judging it and just saying "I don't like this" or "I want to move back home" that just isn't fair. I think one of the best things Dustin and I have ever done is move to a new, unfamiliar place because it's given us the chance to really rely, and count on each other. It's made us grow so much closer, and bond together that much quicker. Moving has given me a much greater appreciation for my home state, but also myself. Moving has done a number on my mental health: I'm happier, much happier. Moving has aloud me to truly focus on myself, my future, and what I want to do with my one wild life. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring being in this new, unfamiliar state. I can't wait to explore, travel, and see new things. 


What do you love most about where you live? Have you ever been to Dallas? I'd love to hear!