October Happenings

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Hello lovelies... how are you all doing lately? Today I wanted to do a life update/life lately/life happenings kind of post, to keep you all in the loop of things. It's officially October, and I am officially FREAKING OUT....yep, freaking out is a littttle bit of an understatement around here. Lately I have just been so busy, and haven't had a moment for a good self care power hour. I've been so busy scrambling, taking care of last minute wedding details, and getting CPR certified (yes, I did crush my goals last month - thank god!) September was such a blur looking back on it. I spent the whole month studying as much as I could, finishing up last minute projects, and throwing all of my energy into making sure I stay awake, and productive through it all. 

The month of October is going to be a chaotic one, but hopefully I'll be able to sit back and fully enjoy it all. This month there will be so many big changes around here...I hope to hell I'll be to get enough sleep, and make the most out of every day so when our big day arrives, I wont have a worry on my mind - other than my makeup melting off of course. I can't believe Dustin and I will be married in TWO WEEKS... oh my good god. It's been a long time coming, and we've been through so much together, I can't believe how much we've grown/changed/ and evolved together. I'm so proud to say: we made it. We are bigger than all of our failures, mistakes , and we choose to always move forward, to grow, learn and accept each other - whatever we bring to the table. 

I definitely apologize in advance if this month I'm not on my blogging game, posting every week - it's going to be a busy month for sure and I can't wait. I'll definitely keep you all updated whenever I can!

October Happenings

  • Input my CPR/AED certification into my ACE CPT profile
  • Studying as much as possible for my ACE Certification
  • Have a pamper session with a facial/manicure
  • Finalize last minute details (stock up on wine, champagne ect)
  • My Dad / Dustin's Mom fly into Dallas
  • Road trip to Colorado with our parents
  • Get MARRIED on 10/16!!!
  • Go on a mini Honeymoon in Colorado
  • Legally change my last name / get new Texas drivers license-yep, I still haven't done it I'm terrible!
  • Go through the checklist and change names/tax info/ect (no one told me getting married required so much paperwork - it's going to be a busy month!)
  • Visit the Dallas Arboretum and explore their Pumpkin Land!
  • Carve Pumpkins & Go Apple Picking
  • Partake in fun October festivities
  • Find something fun to do on Halloween

Overall, October is just so jam packed I just can't wait to really relax. I can't wait to get married this month, and for our mini honeymoon in Colorado, I'm so excited for fall weather, especially spent in Colorado. I'm making it my top priority to go leaf peeping and do as many fall activities as possible. I've never been to Colorado in the fall, but I've been told it's very similar to Maine, and for that I'm just flat out excited. Last month I even busted our a few fall scarves, and worn my new cute olive jacket I scored at Target for only $4 on clearance - I'm so happy about that. October is easily my favorite month out of the year, and I can't wait to make the most out of it.


What are you doing this October?