Becoming Mrs.Allen // Less Than A Week To Go!

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You guys... I am getting married in less than a week... this is craaazy. I'm definitely feeling a mixture of anxiety/happiness overall. I'm definitely less anxious than I thought I would be originally. I have already packed my bags, cleaned my makeup brushes, now all I have to do is put everything in the car, and make the 13 hour drive to COLORADO! It's definitely feeling dream-like, almost like it's not truly happening. I even made an entire "To Pack List" so I don't forget anything. I couldn't imagine forgetting our rings, or my dress...something crazy is definitely bound to happen though. I am very, very excited to begin the next chapter of our lives and I can not wait to become Mrs. Allen! I am feeling so many emotions, and have millions of thoughts swirling around in my head, so...I decided to do something a little different, instead of a chatty catch up post, I decided I would do confessions...lets get down to it!


Wedding Confessions....

I confess... that we are not even a week out from our big day and it truly hasn't hit me yet.

I confess... I don't even know if Laura Allen flows? I will miss my last name for sure.

I confess...I am so excited to see my family, and friends for the first time in a year.

I confess...I am a little worried everything wont go as smoothly as possible.

I confess...I can't wait to eat tacos, and margaritas on my wedding night.

I confess...Dustin is seriously going to make the most handsome groom ever!

I confess...I love my simple, yet romantic wedding dress and I can't wait to wear it.

I confess...I am so glad we booked a huge AirBnB for everyone to stay in (well everyone but 2)

I confess.. I am starting to get a little anxious, but I know jitters are normal.

I confess...that this 13 hour drive to Colorado may feel like 5 days, I'm just ready to be there!

I confess..I hope my skin/makeup looks perfect and doesn't melt off my face when I bawl my eyes out.

I confess..I can not believe how productive this year has been, moving cross country, and getting!

I confess..I know marriage will be tough at times, but I know this is the right person, and I am so very ready for this. 

I confess...making my own bouquet may be tough, and I'm worried it wont look good.

I confess.. I am hopeful this will a weekend filled with happy moments, and no added stress. 

I confess...I am so ready to be in Colorado already looking at leaves, in my coziest sweater. 

I confess..I can't wait for our mountain wedding, surrounded by my favorite people. 

I confess...Asking my best friend to marry us, was such an amazing decision!

I confess... I am very impressed I planned everything in less than four days.

I confess...I'm worried i'll trip or fall in my wedding dress and get it dirty!

I confess...this wedding is totally unconventional and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I confess...I am proud that Dustin and I stayed true to what we wanted: a mountain/outdoor wedding!

I confess...I am so excited for the rest of this year, as a newly married couple.

I confess...I am ready for all the tears of happiness, to hug and hold the ones I love close and embrace every single moment spent with them.


Are you a bride to be or recently married? How did you feel on the week prior to your wedding?

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