A Glimpse Into Our Wedding


I truly can't even believe what I am about to say... I am officially Mrs. Allen! How crazy is that? I can not believe it, one bit... no really... I'm still in total shock what happened on October 16th. We're, married?? just saying it out loud is kind of shocking me. I am also officially Laura Beth Allen, I'm so glad my new last name pairs well with my first! I honestly don't even know where to begin. Let me just start by saying this: my wedding day, was 100% the happiest day of my life. All weekend I was on cloud nine, with love, wedding jitters and happiness all around. But my wedding day... that trumps it all. Just the simple fact we were in Colorado, a place that felt so much like home, surrounded by our closest friends and family, for one big celebration... it was truly amazing. I'm still in total disbelief my best friend flew across the country, got ordained and married us, I feel so grateful for her love and support. I haven't been able to find the words to say that would convey to anyone how I truly felt, but I will say this: I have never experienced such a happiness in all of my life. Also, it wasn't just our wedding day, it was also the first time we saw our family + friends in over a YEAR! Talk about heavy emotions! Happy ones, of course. If I could go back to my wedding day, getting ready with my best friends, sitting in the back seat of my sisters rental car blaring Boston's "More Than A Feeling" you bet your ass I would. Spending time with the ones I love, with rich conversation, incredible food and plenty of laughs, was absolutely priceless. Today I will be sharing a glimpse into our big day, I haven't quite decided if I will be sharing our Wedding Story on the blog, just because it is a very intimate, personal moment...but let me know in the comments below if you would like to hear our story!



This is my best friend, Lauren! When Dustin and I initially became engaged I immediately face timed here and asked her if she would become ordained and married us... and OF COURSE SHE SAID YES! I LOVE this shot of us all so much, it is already framed and sitting on my kitchen counter.


How GORGEOUS is this park? We chose our venue just from images alone on the web, not even seeing it first hand. We then had our talented photographer: Cara Eliz scout a location...but really, isn't this spot incredible?! The sun was shinning, and they even saw a few Elk!



Our first kiss as a married couple...how sweet is he? I love how gentle and intimate it looks. 


Since we were doing a destination elopement/wedding I decided to make my own bouquet and save a few bucks. The night before the wedding Dustin and I broke away from the crowd and found ourselves in a supermarket searching for flowers, and then it all finally hit me...and I began to sob, tears of joy of course! Since I couldn't see from blurred vision (hello contacts) Dustin completely took over and picked out my flowers. He also arranged it and put it all together that night...he really is the sweetest guy. 



I love this image, how it captures our excitement, and smiles. How cute is my groom? His beard looks incredible!


This was a separate location completely, Red Rocks Park/Amphitheatre, where we went to do more shooting and portraits. We absolutely LOVED this location. We truly LOVE Colorado and how much it reminds us of Maine. We're definitely torn between moving to Colorado or back home to Maine in the next few years...one thing is for sure, it's going to be a tough decision. 


I LOVE this close up of us. I simply have no words to describe how much I loved our wedding, and absolutely love our wedding photos. I could not have gotten luckier. Cara actually reached out to me, at random and said "I'll totally do your wedding!" Since it was a Monday, and she had nothing planned, we scored an amazing deal on the most INCREDIBLE photographer and I could not be happier with our images!


This is by far one of my favorites of the bunch, it showcases Fall in Colorado, and captures the essence of us. All photos above were taken by Cara Eliz Photo! If you would like to see more photos of our wedding - follow me on Instagram, there is a link down below! Comment below and let me know if you would like to hear our wedding story!