Visiting Pumkin Village in The Dallas Arboretum

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Happy Halloween everyone!!! I can't even believe it's October 31st! That means November.... which ultimately means Thanksgiving....and our first Thanksgiving as a "married couple" oh brother... Lets not get into that, just yet! This month was quite busy, and full of excitement, love and happiness all around. All month I've felt happier than ever, and definitely a little In shock. This month we had our destination wedding in beautiful Colorado, surrounded by all of our closest friends and family (see A Glimpse Into Our Wedding for more details/photos) and then we transitioned into married life. I'm not sure if it's been much of a big transition, considering we were already working as a team, and living together, but it's been a little different around here for sure (in a good way!)

We've spent the majority of October upgrading our apartment, re-decorating and buying bedroom furniture. We received a lot of home items, and decorations from our wedding registry, so we decided to also go out and purchase a few new pieces of art work for our walls to make it feel more like home, aka Maine. I've also been day dreaming about our future home, how to decorate it, and just our future in general...I just can't help myself. I'm definitely excited to begin looking for our permanent home in the next few years. We really need to decide where we will be moving in the next few years, whether it's Maine, or Colorado. We're just waiting for the holidays to be over before beginning to really dive more into that topic. Overall, October has been an exciting month around here, and full of fun, fall related activities. 

This month we really made it a priority to do fall activities that would truly get us in the spirit of the holidays. We went leave peeping in Colorado and saw so much fall foliage, which truly made my heart content. We've definitely watched plenty of fall movies/tv shows this year as well - I'm kind of addicted to Stephen Kings "The Mist" tv show, even though I loved the movie, the show is definitely incredible. Surprisingly... I haven't indulged in any Halloween candy, in fact... I don't even think we picked a bag up this year.....whoops. For our last big fall/Halloween related activity we decided to go to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, which creates a Pumpkin Village each year. We didn't go last year because we were just arriving here in Dallas. This year they did a Wizard of Oz theme, which had a yellow brick road, and several Wizard of Oz themed houses full of characters and sculptures. Pumpkin Village was definitely pretty cool, definitely not just for kids, mostly everyone was actually full grown adults. Dustin and I spent yesterday roaming around the village, taking loads of photos, and just embracing the fall spirit. Here are a few photos of our day at Pumpkin Village: 


Dallas Arboretum / Pumpkin Village




What are you doing for Halloween this year? Whatever you're doing I hope you're celebrating the gorgeous fall season - wherever you are!