November Intentions

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You guys, it's officially November...and you know what that means.... New goals/intentions! Did you think I was going to say the Holidays? Yeah, that too. I'm still in disbelief October is over and we're officially in the holiday season. Yesterday at my work, I caught a glimpse of a Christmas tree being set up outside...seriously people? Just wait one god damn minute. I'm just ready to tackle Thanksgiving, and cook my FIRST turkey...ever. Now that I'm a married woman, I feel like I should know how to cook a turkey, not because I'm a wife, or a woman, but because it's just something everyone should do, and I totally suck at cooking in general. I'm going to find a big bottle of wine, and try my hardest not to burn anything this year. ALRIGHT, back to it... November is a new month, full of new opportunity. Every day is a chance to create a new path, and I am so excited to goal set and finish 2017 with a band. This year was so amazing, and I am truly happier than ever. Cheers to making this month count!

November Intentions


  • Setting a "tech free" day out of the week - Dustin and I realized we are total creatures of habit, whenever we get home we instantly turn on our current favorite show on Netflix, and watch it straight through until we head to bed around nine. Most days we spend a few moments catching up, and preparing dinner together - but it's just not ideal. We decided to cut down how much time we spend watching Netflix, down to one episode (if any) per night. We're totally addicted to Stranger Things right now, and as tempting as it is, it's just so much more important to spend quality time together. We decided we would make Sundays a "tech-free" day, no phones, no tv, no nothing. I'm pretty excited for this one to be honest, I'm just ready to spend more one on one time with my husband and fully enjoy our surroundings, without all of the distractions. 
  • Read more - To be completely I've only read a few books this year...and that makes me so sad. I love my quiet time spent reading, getting lost in a good novel. This month I'm making a priority to read more of my novel, "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. Maybe swap my nightly episode of Stranger Things out for a few pages, either way, I'd like to get back into reading more. 
  • Get more sleep, and watch less Netflix at night - This one is so hard. At the end of the day all I want to do is cut loose a little, and for some that could mean drinking wine, getting a massage, or watching an episode of tv. I'm totally addicted to my Netflix shows at the moment, but I'm ready to break the cycle and start fresh. It's just so hard when you're so addicted to your favorite fall tv shows! But overall, I'd like to limit myself to one episode a night, instead of three and go to bed early, at 8:30. My nightly routine definitely needs to shift a little, so I can get more sleep and be more productive overall. 
  • Hit the gym regularly - Ever since Colorado, it's been hard to get back into the swing of things. I don't know what it is really, but I just can't get back into my normal routine. I've worked out a few times since, but overall, I definitely need to work on keeping it consistent. I have kept my water intake up, and my eating has been spot on, so overall I'm feeing great, but I just want to be more consistent in the gym. 
  • Set aside more time in the mornings to get ready slowly - This is a big one for me, I just can't seem to wake up slowly anymore, I'm always rushing around before work. I also NEED to get to bed earlier to get at least eight hours of sleep in me, since I wake up so early. Having a slow morning for me, is so important because it sets the tone for the entire day. 
  • Begin setting weekly goals, to maximize the month - This one for me is the most important. I have a "weekly scheduler" that I used to use, and now I need to get back on it and sort out my week, so I know when I'm working out, studying, or just typing up blog posts. For me, getting organized and back into the swing of things is so important this month. I want to finish 2017 strong, crush my goals, and just being super productive. 
  • Pin Thanksgiving recipes & successfully cook my first Thanksgiving dinner - I am HORRIFIED about this goal, but obviously I'm a new wife, so... who wouldn't be a little scared to cook her first turkey? I'm honestly worried I'll burn it, but at least Dustin will be there to guide me through it. I'm so excited for all of our first holidays as a married that weird? I'm seriously stoked for every minute, every milestone...everything!

What are your November Goals / Intentions?