4 Things I Am Thankful For This Holiday Season

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Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! I can not believe the holidays are officially here...where did this year go? While many of you will be stuffing your faces with Turkey, I'm definitely a little sad to say I'm on my own this year. My husband will be working so I'll be trying to make the most of my alone time, and be super productive, or so I hope... (i'll probably end up binge watching Shameless, for real) While I may not be having my Thanksgiving until Sunday, today I wanted to express gratitude and talk about a few things I'm feeling extra grateful for right now. 

Things I Am Thankful For


My husband + Our Wedding!

I can NOT believe we planned our wedding, got through all the madness, and now we are officially a MARRIED couple! I am SO THANKFUL for my husband, for his crazy amount of patience and helping me plan our wedding in such a short timeline. I am truly thankful that just by living in a state that has a much cheaper cost of living we were able to get married much sooner than we ever thought. I can not believe we are Newlyweds! I am just so thankful to be married to a man who works so hard, treats me with love and respect, and is always so sweet and giving, I truly lucked out....he seriously is the most incredible guy! 2016 + 2017 have been filled with a tremendous amount of growth and I am so grateful to be where I am today. 

Living in...Texas? Okay I said it!

I NEVER would have said this until now. While I miss Maine terribly I do "like" living here, for a few reasons (but desperately want to move back home, or elsewhere for that matter) I am so so thankful we are here right now. We've been here a year and two months officially and I am blown away at how much more affordable it is to live here. Without this move, we probably wouldn't be where we are now: married, happy, financially stable, and avidly planning for our future. We've both accomplished so much in over a years time, and I definitely impressed with how this move has impacted our drive to set goals, and put our plans into motion. 


My Family

I am so very thankful for my sisters, and father, to which I've grown even closer to in the time we've spent apart. Being able to see one of my sisters, and my father this year was honestly the highlight of everything, I had missed them all so much! Whenever they call, I drop everything to have meaningful conversations (that always last 1-2 hours) I love the time I get to connect with my family, even if it's just a Facebook message. In my previous post I mentioned I began cutting ties with toxic family members, this year I've really made it a priority to weed out those relationships, and  for that... I am so grateful. I feel so much happier and at peace because of it. My mental health has drastically improved, and overall, I feel more empowered to make those type of decisions that will ultimately lead to more happiness. This year, because of these decisions, it has made the relationships I do have with certain family members that much more important. 


My Best Friends

I truly have NO CLUE where or who I would be without my best friends in my life. This year, I got to visit with two of them, and I am so so grateful to be able to hug, hold and just have them present with me on the most important day of my life. Being able to reunite with my best friends was seriously one of the highlights of my year. Whenever I am around them, even if it's been a year, it's like nothing changed. Being able to text, facetime, snap chat has seriously been a lifesaver. This year I have kept my circle tight, and have been able to build a stronger bond with those I hold close, especially being so far away from them! This year, I feel rich with friendship, love and support and that's honestly all I can truly ask for. 


What are you thankful for this year? I'd love to hear!