June Goals

Hello lovelies, and happy June! There's nothing I love more than a fresh new month, a new set of goals, and hello, we're practically in summer already! It's so strange because this time last year I was romping through the White Mountains in New Hampshire, continuing to save for our big move. I remember feeling anxious, and so ready to just get the hell out of my home state. And now, here I am, completely homesick and wanting to move back. It's kind of weird because I'm more homesick for the state, not so much the people (except my bff's family, friends, obvi) I just miss my beach days, the oceans, hiking whenever and wherever, and the whole shebang that is New England. I've always been such a Maine girl, and being here in the heart of Texas has made me realize just how much I miss and love Maine. Now, here I am, I've been in Texas for 10 whole months - wow. Thinking back to last June, I've come a long way from where I was. This time last year I wasn't thinking too much about my future, dreaming about owning my first home, or even considering going back to school. It's just so strange to think back to where you were a year ago, or even just a few months. So much has changed since we've been here, and for the better thankfully. As I sit here and type up this post I just can't help but smile. Dustin and I are in such a good place financially, we're healthier than we've ever been, and our future is looking quite promising. This June, I'm determined to make this month count. Today I'm sharing with you all just a few of this months goals.


June Goals



//Post 1-2x weekly, consistently.

//Do some spring cleaning and update my blog template-just a little.



//Start my day with water, nix the coffee first thing in the AM.

//Finish "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed this month.

//Spend more time writing.



//Continue running sprints this month.

//Get to the gym 4-6x out of the week.

//Work on my core muscles more.

//Possibly get another gym membership, closer to work for days I can't make it to the gym before it closes.



//Renew our lease - yep, we're committing to one more year here, at least in this apartment!

//Figure out when to take my paid time off and visit Maine!

//Figure out what to do for Fourth of July.

//Continue studying for my ACE certification.

//Practice deep breathing often.


What are your goals this month?