Revisting My Goals For 2017

I can not believe it's officially JULY! We are past the sixth month mark of crazy is that? I feel like this year has truly flown by. We will be in Texas for a year when September hits, that's just so crazy to me. It still feels unreal that we chose to move half way across the country just for change. This year for me, has been all about growth. I've experienced so many growing pains, just from this move alone. This year I chose to strive for growth in all areas of my life, and so far, I'd say I'm doing pretty well. Today I wanted to revisit my 2017 goals, to help me assess, and refocus for the rest of 2017.


2017 Goals Revisited


Plan Our Wedding

Okay, so far, we haven't been able to plan a whole lot. This year has been all about acclimating, and getting use to our new environment. I'm proud to say we have finally decided the state, and where we are getting married. We've set our month, but not a particular day. We have formed loose plans, but haven't set anything in stone just yet. Dustin and I have only been saving money to get married - because it's just so expensive. I did buy my dream dress a few months back, and that was super exciting. Dustin purchased his jacket, as well as tie, and that really got him pumped. My friend bought me a "Wedding Planner" book and that has helped so much. We have actually been looking at wedding rings a lot lately as well, and trying to find a trusty jeweler out here, as opposed to where he purchased my engagement ring back home. Honestly, all we're doing right now is saving money, and forming plans- slowly of course.


Begin School

Success! I'm super proud of this goal to be honest. For years I've been wanting to pursue more. Not that I'm not content with where I'm at, but I just want to be back in school, working towards a bigger goal. I'm proud to say back in early April I FINALLY enrolled in ACE's Certified Personal Trainers program, something I've wanted to do for years. This was initially something I wanted to start back in January, but I did not have the finances for it. I have one more payment left this July, and it will officially be paid off. I'm more than half way through my program, and I can honestly say it's been a ride. It's definitely A LOT of info, and sometimes it's just so hard to balance this program, my relationships, working full time and trying to stay sane. But, honestly I know it's going to be so worth it when I'm a an ACE CPT. I did put schooling on the backburner though, I am enrolled in an online program to earn my degree, but I have deferred my start date until September, in order to fully focus on this program. Right now, I'm doing everything I can to begin my career in the health/wellness field.



Another success! When we initially moved, Dustin and I made a plan to travel, and travel often. Even though we're not 100% in love with Texas, we want to make the most out of our stay. I know in my heart that Texas will not be the state we settle down in, but that doesn't mean I wont stop exploring. We've been in Texas for ten months now and so far, we've seen all major cities. We live in Dallas, and we've been to San Antonio, Houston and Austin. My favorite place we've been so far is hands down Austin. Austin reminds me so much of Portland, and just reminds me of home. We've also been to many state parks, and so far, I'm very surprised that Texas is just so diverse in terms of landscape. I'm so happy to say we've done quite a bit of traveling and exploring so far. We definitely want to see more of the west coast, maybe visit California as well as Oregon and branch out a bit. I'm super excited to say that Dustin and I will be going another road trip, this time... to COLORADO! I am SO EXCITED! We decided a few days ago we needed a new adventure, and we've always dreamed of visiting, so why not? Next week, we will be climbing in the car and making the ten hour drive to Colorado Springs, and I could not be more pumped to visit. Honestly, I could not be more in love with my life right now. I'm just so happy to be with my best friend, traveling across the country and seeing new places, all the while planning our wedding! Life is just so exciting right now. I'll definitely keep you all updated on our road trip to Colorado!


Upgrade My Wardrobe

Success! I'm super impressed with myself here. Ever since we moved all I've wanted to do is upgrade my wardrobe a bit. I'm kind of embarrassed to say I've officially run out of new hangers, I'm definitely going to have to invest in more. Dustin is definitely a little upset that I keep stealing his hangers (I have turquoise colored ones, and he has black) I'm not going to lie, I've definitely bought way too many new clothes, sports bras, and shorts. I knew moving meant a climate change, so I was ready to switch my wardrobe completely. If you would have looked in my closet when we first arrived, all you would have seen were long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and cardigans. Now, I actually have everything I would need, for whatever type of weather. Now I have a million tanks, short sleeved shirts, and denim shorts. I am guilty of purchasing more maxi dresses, as well as flowy cardigans...but I can't help it! I definitely have Dustin to thank, because he gave me a few gift cards to Forever21 and Victoria's Secret on my birthday, so I've been able to splurge a bit. I can now officially say I'm 100% in love with my wardrobe. The clothes I own flatter my shape, and I love getting dressed. I definitely can't wait to bust out my cute sweaters and chunky knits for fall, though. I'm definitely excited to see how much more my wardrobe will progress living in Texas. I feel like I'm kind of forced to get more dressed up, and I definitely enjoy that.


Write / Read More

Success! I'm very pleased with how much reading/writing I've been able to do this year. I feel as though I can finally focus on myself now that I'm in a new weird as that sounds. As much as I love Maine, Texas has been very good for me. I do a ton of reading now, especially with this certification program. Besides that, I'm still an avid magazine reader: Self, Health, Womens Health, Cosmo, ect. I just honestly love magazines. I would say I'm definitely a bit more consistent with my blog, and writing posts, probably more than ever. I post about three times a week (when I can!) which I'm pretty happy about. I definitely wish I could crank out more posts, but with my schedule, it's super hard to sit at my computer for more than an hour throughout the week. I just have so much going on in my personal life, it's hard for any extra activities. Writing is something I'm very passionate about, so when I can, I'm happy.


Learn To Cook

FAIL! Okay, maybe not a total fail! I definitely eat more variety of foods now, but I definitely don't cook very often. This I feel is a much bigger, long term goal. Dustin is just such a good cook, and never really asks me to cook many meals, so I usually don't even think too much of it. I know how to bake, how to cook pasta, but when it comes to meats...I totally suck. Now that I'm going to become a wife, I definitely feel like I should make cooking more of a priority, not that I believe in gender roles or anything, I just feel like it would be a good skill for me to be strong in. This is something I definitely need to get better at. I'm super pleased to say we will be getting our apartment and appliances upgraded something soon, so maybe that will give me the drive to begin learning how to cook.


How are you doing with your 2017 goals?