Becoming Mrs. Allen // Elopement Update

 Hello lovelies! I swear, life around here has been so fast paced lately. On top of juggling every day life, working out, doing my ACE certification program and now wedding planning... I feel like my head is spinning! Overall, I feel like I'm doing a really great job balancing life, self-care and studying every day. Lately I've even been able to maintain my healthy eating habits and water intake (I'm up to twelve cups a day) and my skin looks better than ever! I just finally feel like everything is coming together, slowly, but surely. It's still so crazy to me that last month, we planned out our whole wedding in under four days. Sure, it took us awhile to finalize all the big details, but I was rather impressed with my wedding planning skills. Today I'm going to be giving you all an update on where we're at in planning, what needs to be done, and a super exciting announcement!


Becoming Mrs. Allen // Elopement Update


Things we've crossed off our to-do list:

  • Set a date
  • Sent invites
  • Created a wedding registry (a small one!)
  • Booked a venue
  • Booked a AirBnB for everyone to stay in (it's a huge house!)
  • Picked a second location for more photos
  • Purchased Dustin's ring
  • Booked a PHOTOGRAPHER!



Quick story....

When Dustin and I originally had photos done, years ago, we decided on our future wedding photographer. We absolutely love her work, and she is now a good friend of mine. When we talked about pricing, whether it was back home, Texas, or Colorado, I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it. If we weren't planning a move, and had bigger goals in mind for the next few years, I totally would have spent a year saving to afford to have the photographer of my dreams. Recently I posted on Facebook about getting married, and a friend of mine gushed "I'm so sad you've already booked a photographer!" and I replied "Actually we wont be having one, it's just too costly" After that I received a message from a girl I was friends with, from a Dallas Photography group... She told me, you absolutely have to have a photographer, I want to offer you a deal... So obviously, I was intrigued. She offered such a good deal I couldn't help but scream "YES" too. She offered her services at a HIGHLY discounted cost, because it's on a Monday. When I looked at her work, I knew I had to have her. Her work has been seen on Junebug Weddings, The Knot, Borrowed and Blue, and Rocky Mountain Brides - yep, she's seriously THAT good. I instantly broke down in tears of joy, because that was truly all I wanted for our big day. I wanted to have gorgeous photos of our destination elopement, for everyone to see. Photos we would share with our (possibly) future children, friends, and family. I finally feel like I will be having my "dream" wedding, and I just can't wait. 


Things to be done:

  • Purchase my wedding ring, or rings (a stackable set would compliment my engagement ring best)
  • Get my dress altered
  • Purchase shoes - no heels for me!
  • Get hair color freshened up
  • Collect payments for AirBnB from everyone
  • Figure out dinner plans for our wedding night with everyone - we're doing some type of BBQ together, and everyone is chipping in!
  • Sign contract for wedding photographer
  • Get a marriage license - in Colorado.
  • Step up my workouts to look incredible on the wedding day.
  • Write our vows.
  • Figure out how to create my own bouquet!
  • Figure out makeup and hair for the big day.


Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding / elopement? What are your tips for planning a stress free day?