August Goals + A BIG Announcement

Wow, it's August already? You guys, I can not believe we have been in Texas for almost a year now, next month will be the year mark! It's so crazy, it felt like it was just yesterday we moved out to Dallas. And honestly, at times it's felt like it's dragged on as well. Dustin and I are feeling a mix of emotions about Dallas. To be completely honest here: Dallas is cool, it's a great place to live, and super affordable too. It's super artsy, filled with great places to eat, shop, and wander around - but it's just not our cup of tea. For the past few months, we have decided that in the next two years we will be moving - again (and I'm totally okay with that!)

I've been super MIA from the blog lately for quite a few reasons.... The usual stuff, followed by studying for my ACE CPT program, and..... PLANNING OUR WEDDING! Yep, there, I said it. We are actively planning our wedding! I'm super, super stoked about this. I'm a professional procrastinator when it comes to these things, and after our trip to Colorado, everything became so much clearer. We originally planned to have our wedding next year, so we would have an entire year to save to fly back to Maine and have a big wedding, but....our priorities have changed. We do not want to stay in Texas for a total of 3-4 years, so we decided to go down a different route completely. In a later post I will share all the details, because it will be a very long post! Today I wanted to share with you all my goals/aspirations for August!


August Goals


Get in 8-12 glasses of water per day!

Get regular facials - once a month. 

Consistently workout + Strength train

Sign up for a CPR course

Finish or get close to finishing my study guide


Be consistent on the blog

Nail down our guest list

Plan our "reception"

Find/Purchase Wedding rings

Get my dress altered

Revive my color with a makeover for Fall

Practice healthy morning routines

Watch less Grey's Anatomy - guilty of bingeing

Save money

Stretch often


What are your goals for this month?