We're Getting Married! + Details On Our Big Day

So much excitement is in the air - I literally can not contain myself these days. As promised in my last post, I would spill more details on our big day! On August 23, 2016 we became engaged, and it's almost been a full year! Shortly after becoming engaged, we drove cross country, transferred our jobs, and began a leading an entirely different life, almost 3,000 miles away. We've almost been in Dallas for a full year, and so much has changed. We had barely done any wedding planning. We felt so torn between having a wedding back home, or waiting several years until we were permanently back home in Maine (because we knew we would move back eventually, obviously - we LOVE Maine) For awhile, we felt discouraged, because either way, it involved waiting, and a ton of money

For the past year we have been saving for a wedding, and planning to have it in September of next year. When we realized that would mean signing another lease, and living in Dallas for three whole years - we knew right there that was something we didn't want. We tossed around the idea of getting married here in Texas, but truly didn't love the idea of it (and we had no idea if our family would fly out for it - it's just so far!) So for the past few months, we've been putting it all on the backburner. Hoping we would come up with a better plan. 

And then we took a road trip to Colorado..... and everything changed

We fell in love with Colorado, and knew right then and there we wanted to move, maybe not now, but someday soon. It was absolutely the most incredible trip we had ever taken together. And then we had another idea all together: to get married in Colorado

And that's just what we planned, and will do on: October 16, 2017

Dustin and I will be having a "Destination Elopement" near Denver, Colorado. I've always been in love with the idea of a destination elopement - to have a wedding and a honeymoon, all in one. I never wanted to elope in a courthouse - that's too simple, and doesn't suit my taste. I crave adventure, exchanging heartfelt vows, and being surrounded by the ones I love dearly, that's why a simple elopement was just not an option for us. When we told our families, they were super supportive, and ready to jump on a plane to take part in our special day. To our surprise, most of our family and friends have accepted an invite (even being so last minute) I was super grateful and already felt a huge rush of relief when I found out the ones I hold closest will be present on our special day. Dustin and I planned our destination elopement in less than four days- so insane, yet so perfect. We decided to rent a house on AirBnB for our stay in Colorado for us, and all of our guests. I truly can not believe we planned our big day in less than a week, found a venue, and booked a place to stay. All we have left is purchasing rings, getting my dress altered, and finalizing our guest list. I literally can not believe we were able to plan a wedding/elopement in less than a week. I can not wait to become a wife, and spend the rest of my life with my best friend.