My Bride-To-Be Regimen

Hello lovelies! Just recently I announced on the blog that this Ms is a soon to be Mrs! I'm so very excited that we've finally set a date, location/ect for our big day! Since we planned a wedding so soon, we have a little over two months to prepare! Today I'm sharing with you all how I'm being proactive and prepping to be wedding ready! These are routines that I've been trying my hardest to stick to, to make into long-term habits as well. 


Healthy Diet + Exercise

Okay, so I totally indulged a little last night after a gruesome workout...I went out for fried pickles...yikes! I'm not typically one to eat unhealthy foods, but I had the worst craving and I could NOT satisfy it. For the last month, I've been eating balanced meals - with balanced macros, so honestly, I knew I could indulge...just a little! As a whole, I feel so much BETTER! My energy levels and my body just looks absolutely incredible. I'm so happy with the progress I've made this year, my upper body is so much stronger and toned, and I love the way I look! Now, I'm just focusing on toning and building strong, lean muscles. Sine incorporating more strength training, less cardio and eating more balanced meals, I feel better than ever. Sure two months wont make too big of a difference, but honestly, I'm already feeling ready to throw on a dress that shows off my arms!


Guzzle enough h20

I've been CRUSHING my goals for the past month, even though we just planned our wedding, I've been on a huge health kick and it's set me up for success ever since. When Summer hit, I knew I had to increase my water intake and really stick to it - because the heat really drains you of all energy! Texas Summers are seriously no joke, it's been at worst 106 and honestly, my body is just not used to it. Being in a hotter climate, I'm forced to drink more water, and I'm totally okay with that! At work I drink at minimum, 8 cups of water, so really, when I get home I've achieved my water intake goal for the day. On my days off I'm definitely slacking a little, but overall, I'm kicking butt! It can definitely be hard some days (I literally have to pee every 10 minutes-no joke!) but it's definitely worth it! My skin has a gorgeous glow, and I feel better as a whole! 


Amp up my skincare routine

I'm a huge skincare fanatic, and honestly, I haven't done much to tweak my daily routine. I received two free facials last month, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in at least two more before October. I've recently began incorporating a Vitamin C serum to help brighten my skin, and fade acne scarring. I've actually been using my Sunday Riley UFO less, and honestly, I think I was over using it. I am now only using UFO twice a week, and exfoliating 3x a week, and I've experienced fewer breakouts as a result. You would think at twenty four, I would have grown out of that stage, but clearly, I'm just not that lucky. 


Pampering my hair

When I got engaged, I knew I wanted to grow my hair out for our wedding. I wanted my length to reach the top of my ribs, and I'm so so close, but definitely wont reach my #hairgoals by our wedding. Lately I've been taking biotin everyday to increase hair growth, and avoiding hot tools at all costs. I haven't used a blow dryer or a straightener in months, and honestly my hair feels so silky! I wash my hair at max 2x weekly - and utilize dry shampoo to help get me through. I have also been using hair masks weekly to help repair and moisturize my ends. I actually scored a FREE balayage service at my favorite salon here in Dallas (I'm so good at snagging freebies - I'm a natural at networking!) worth $200-$400, with a small purchase of products. I was so stoked to be able to get my hair done for (almost) free before our wedding. I recently purchased lightener and was ready to do my own, but honestly, even though I'm a hair dresser, I'd rather have someone else do my color. I am so very excited to get pampered this month and refresh my look for fall!


Are you a bride, or recently engaged? What are you doing to get wedding ready?