September Goals

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Good Morning lovelies! How are you all doing? I know when I woke up this morning I felt a surge of excitement, and a little bit of sadness... let me tell you why: It's officially September! The start of all Fall related things. Fall is my favorite time of the year...for many reasons: the leaves change, it's cooler outside, PSL lattes, and fall fashion (I live in sweaters and cardigans) Now, why am I feeling an ounce of sadness? Because, this is my second Fall season spent in Texas...where the leaves sort of change, but it's still as hot as hell. My whole wardrobe truly does consist of cardigans and cute long sleeved shirts. Since we moved here, I have upgraded my wardrobe, maybe a little too much... thanks North Park Mall! I moved away from Maine knowing full well I would move back, and miss the hell out of it... I'm totally a New England type of girl. I live outside, and spend more time outdoors than on the internet. Since moving here, I can't do the same type of activities I would normally do. Fall in Texas is definitely a lot different than back home, and for that, I will say: Dustin and I are hoping this will be our last Fall season in Texas. We will definitely be moving again, whether this coming year or the next, we will be either moving back home to Maine, or Colorado. With that said, I will be sharing all of my new goals for the September month, what are your goals for this month?


September Goals


Personal //

Sign up for my CPR/AED certification. 

Study daily, even 10 minutes a day.

Attend a free week of Pilates

Go to bed earlier and get enough sleep

Consistently drink plenty of water

Get to the gym at least 4x a week

Blog consistently

Find PSL lattes at Starbucks and drink them!



Home //

Get our apartment upgraded (new carpet, new counter tops, new appliances)  - Even though we're moving in the next year or two the apartment complex offers it to everyone, for $10-$20 extra a month to make upgrades, so why not? If we're going to be staying a little while we may as well!

Develop a better nightly routine (fill the dishwasher, empty trash, take care of the cat liter box)

Clean/re-organize my vanity

Deep clean our apartment/purge the unnecessary


What are your personal goals for this month?