My Fall Wardrobe Essentials

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Hello lovelies! How are you all doing today? I swear it feels like a Monday today, I woke up in a total fog, and felt zero motivation to get anything done. After two cups of pumpkin coffee, I'm finally feeling a little better. I've lit a few of my favorite pumpkin candles, cozied up with my favorite throw blanket from Nordstrom, and now I'm finally ready to get some work done. Today I will be sharing with you my Fall favorites, everything from wardrobe essentials, to the little details. Who doesn't love fall? It's seriously the best time of the year! I definitely miss fall in New England, but I am super grateful we will be spending a few days in Colorado - so hopefully I will be getting my fall fix! What are your fall favorites? I'd love to hear!


My Fall Favorites


 "Pumpkin Spiced for life" -  This tee is totally me! Who doesn't love a cozy shirt to lounge in, or wear for a Target run? When fall rolls around I am decked out in everything PSL related - hence the photo of the PSL latte, who doesn't love Starbucks holiday lattes?? I'm definitely obsessed with their holiday cups too, it's just festive, and feels more celebratory.

Flannels - Who doesn't love a classic flannel? Growing up in Maine, I swear it's a given everyone has at least one in their closet. Now that I live in Texas, I've purchased a few light weight flannels to add into my wardrobe - it's definitely a staple in my book. Since moving to a warmer climate, I've had to do a total wardrobe upgrade, but I still have more long sleeved shirts over anything. 

Red everything - Red, or maroon specifically is my all time favorite color. I love anything red! When fall rolls around I feel the need to sport blood red nails, berry lips, and darken my hair....does anyone else feel that way? I definitely feel like I went polar opposite with my hair this year, a few months ago I got blonde balayage, and a darker base all over, so I'm feeling a little off on my color game this year. 

Cozy sweaters - Fall means sweater season - even in Texas. Maybe not a thick, chunky sweater, but you can still wear a sweater. I haven't been able to wear a sweater just yet, but when October hits, it tend to stay in the 70's - but I'm hoping for colder weather! Sweaters are the perfect fall staple because you can pair it with anything and still look pulled together. I practically lived in sweaters all fall-winter long when I lived in Maine, and I totally miss it. 

Pumpkin Candles - Okay, this one doesn't fall under my "fall wardrobe essentials" but it is a fall essential for sure. I have one lit as I type this blog post. Pumpkin candles set the tone for a warm, cozy environment, and that is my favorite thing hands down. I love all fall smells - from crisp apples, warm pies, and all things pumpkin related. Fall smells are above all, the best in my book.

Leggings - I would say I wear a ton of leggings in fall, you can easily pair them with anything. I typically wear big chunky knit sweaters with leggings and tall riding boots - so it covers my bum, and most of my legs, so there's no chance I will feel cold. You can also wear leggings with a longer flannel - I'm a stickler about leggings - I feel like I just can't wear them unless my butt is totally covered. I wear leggings with practically any kind of shirt, and usually I'll dress it up with a cute statement necklace, or bold lip. 

Booties - Fall booties are a match made in heaven paired with any type of leggings or jeans. I own more booties than any other type of shoes - they're just so versatile and go with any type of outfit. In the fall I typically wear either riding boots, combat boots, or booties - so really, all types of boots for me are an essential. 

Puffer Vest - Puffer vests are an easy way to dress up any plan long sleeved t-shirt, and add warmth, without the added bulk of a coat. I haven't owned a vest in a very long time, and I probably wont invest in one until we move back to New England, but they're a nice way to add interest to an outfit and keep warm. 

Dark sunglasses - When September- November hits, cue the moodiness - I love to add more darker pieces into my every day wardrobe. Sunglasses are one of those things I'll never spend a ton of money on, because they can easily be dropped, scratched, or lost. I kind of have a problem, I love exploring Target and finding new accessories, and sunglasses are one of those troubling addictions. I have been good about it this year, since I am saving every penny for our wedding, but if I weren't, I'd definitely have a new darker pair for sure!

Fossil Watch - Last December Dustin gave me the nicest gift, a gift card to Fossil, for a new watch. I easily chose a dark wine colored watch - and it has become a staple in my every day wardrobe. I can easily transition it into every season, add cute bangles, or wear it on its own. 

Plaid Scarf - I have the biggest addition to scarves... Since moving here (again with the wardrobe change!) I haven't been able to wear practically any... so it's kind of killed my addiction to wearing them. I've never worn every day basic scarves, I'm more of a chunky, warm scarf kind of gal. I live in burgundy, olive green, and burnt orange colored everything - including scarves.


What are your favorite fall essentials?