Monday Mantra - weekly affirmations

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I've decided to begin a new series on my blog called, "Monday Mantras" Mondays are a day everyone seems to dread and I decided I wanted to help everyone kick it up a notch. Mondays are days we're all feeling a little overwhelmed, drained, and a little wound why not try to tweak the way we view Mondays? Every Monday I will be posting a motivational quote, a mantra if you will -to help not just myself, but others get and stay motivated, to help mantain focus, and get us thinking about our goals and aspirations. I'v chosen to begin this new series on my blog because I'm ready to get inspired, and help others in the process. 


this weeks Monday Mantra....

 I believe in the importance of this quote, I think it's one of the most universal truths there is. It's something every single of of us can relate to, no matter who you are. I've always been the type of gal to throw kindness around like confetti, to shower everyone (and I mean anyone) with compliments. One of the great things about being a hairdresser/makeup artist is I get the perfect opportunity to help lift the self esteem of others. More often than not I will get a "negative nancy" in my chair, constantly belittling herself, picking apart her every flaw, and to be honest.... I love those types of clients... why? because I get the chance to help make a positive impact on how they see themselves. It's so important to help other women (and men) see their beauty, their worth, and themselves.... Whether that means throwing compliments out left and right or simply smiling and telling someone how they impacted your day, you're bound to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This day and age, especially with women it's crucial to help build each other up, rather tear each other down. It's so sad to constantly see hatefulness and body bashing via social media, or even in person. Sure, we all have our moments of weakness, we've said things out of anger, but let it stop there. I know I've said some very hurtful things out of anger before, but I've learned from those moments, and in turn it's helped me become more aware and mindful. One of my biggest goals is to "be the change" I  believe in setting a good example for others, hoping they will follow.  I love the career field I chose for this very reason, and it's very true, "we rise by lifting others." Even if you're unsure how to start "lifting others" try smiling and complimenting someone, no matter who it is... it is one of the easiest tasks to perform and anyone can do it. You truly never know how you may have made a person feel, or what impact you've had on their life, but you can aim to be the change and help lift them higher.


I challenge all of you to pick your own Monday mantra, and let it simmer with you. Let it allow you to analyze your choices, thoughts and actions. If you're feeling brave, share it with someone, heck even share it with me. Whatever you choose, I hope it's beautiful.