Monday Mantra - Do Something For You


Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I've decided to begin a new series on my blog called, "Monday Mantras" Mondays are a day everyone seems to dread and I decided I wanted to help everyone kick it up a notch. Mondays are days we're all feeling a little overwhelmed, drained, and a little wound why not try to tweak the way we view Mondays? Every Monday I will be posting a motivational quote, a mantra if you will -to help not just myself, but others get and stay motivated, to help mantain focus, and get us thinking about our goals and aspirations. I'v chosen to begin this new series on my blog because I'm ready to get inspired, and help others in the process.


This weeks Monday Mantra....

Hello beautiful. Let me ask you something, when was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Has it been awhile? Now ask yourself why. Is it because you're too busy, or because you feel you don't deserve it? Search for that answer. Take your time, and write it down.

When you find that answer, question yourself and ask yourself the tough questions.

No matter who you are, a mother, a wife, a college student it's crucial to take time for yourself. Having quiet time during your day is not essential, it's necessary to keep sane. Whether you're cramming for a molecular biology quiz, or juggling your social and married life, you've got to give yourself a break sometimes.

To maintain your energy levels and sanity, you must first let yourself breathe.   

What comes second? Doing something, anything for yourself...TODAY! Do something nice for yourself, because you too deserve happiness. Whether that means cooking yourself a decadent chocolate lava cake or splurging on those designer shoes you so desperately covet.

Stop waiting for the weekend, the summer, until you lose that extra ten pounds...

Whatever you fancy, just do it for god sake. You don't need a real reason to treat yourself well. But if you do my dear friend, just remember, everyone deserves quiet time, and a little slice of happiness every now and then. So to my fellow readers, acquaintances, what good are you going to do for yourself today? Perhaps it's taking a moment to paint your nails, to treat yourself to a sappy movie in the cinema , or hell even being kind to yourself for a change. Whatever it is my darling, make sure you do just one thing for yourself today. 


I challenge all of you to pick your own Monday mantra, and let it simmer with you. Let it allow you to analyze your choices, thoughts and actions. If you're feeling brave, share it with someone, heck even share it with me. Whatever you choose, I hope it's beautiful.