Monday Mantra - Don't Be Afraid

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I've decided to begin a new series on my blog called, "Monday Mantras" Mondays are a day everyone seems to dread and I decided I wanted to help everyone kick it up a notch. Mondays are days we're all feeling a little overwhelmed, drained, and a little wound why not try to tweak the way we view Mondays? Every Monday I will be posting a motivational quote, a mantra if you will -to help not just myself, but others get and stay motivated, to help maintain focus, and get us thinking about our goals and aspirations. I'v chosen to begin this new series on my blog because I'm ready to get inspired, and help others in the process.

This weeks Monday Mantra....

Today's mantra comes straight from my heart and soul. For too long, I had led a life full of fear, afraid to chase my dreams. Afraid to be the "real me." Afraid if I wore a certain outfit, or put on a dark red lipstick, that somehow, someone would judge me, just for being who I was.

For years I was that girl; that shy, soft spoken girl who was a total wallflower afraid to lead a lively life. 

I'm not sure what clicked in me, or what truly changed who I was as a person. Maybe it was the fact that I was done, done being walked on, not truly being seen. For the longest time I was just plain afraid. Afraid of chasing my dreams, of doing things that others wouldn't understand.

I was afraid that people wouldn't like the "real" me. 

And then everything changed. I grew up a little, and was no longer afraid. I think apart of what made me into a risk taker, was attending school for Cosmetology. School helped to nurture the true artist in me. It let my creative, ballsy, edgy side finally come out. Within one month of hair school, I had my long, waist length hair chopped to an edgy asymmetrical bob - that I still rock today. Ever since then, I had not once questioned my spontaneous nature. I'm not longer that shy, afraid gal, leading a mediocre life. 

To my readers, and fellow friends, please never be afraid, period. It's a sheer waste of your precious life.

No matter how big your dream, or how big the risk, take it. Just grab life by the horns and ride it. While you're at it, don't be afraid to dream a little bigger. Even if it's something silly, you're afraid to confront someone, or you have a huge secret - do not be afraid. Be fearless. Be authentic, and live the life you desire. Every now and then I still have these moments, where if something questionable, I'm too afraid to go on. And that's completely okay. What's not okay is to let fear hold you back. The other day I was asked to do something very out of my comfort zone, and I was afraid, and yet... I did it. I said yes to risk, to the unknown, to being vulnerable.

What I didn't realize was that I was giving myself the most powerful gift: growth.

My dear readers, friends, acquaintances, please never be afraid to live the life you love. To do something ballsy, to take a risk, to make a bold change. Start small with your hair, your clothes, your shoes, build up if you have to. One piece of advice... if it's something you want to do, but you're just afraid, chances are it's going to be remarkable. If you're ready to start moving mountains, start climbing girl.

I challenge all of you to pick your own Monday mantra, and let it simmer with you. Let it allow you to analyze your choices, thoughts and actions. If you're feeling brave, share it with someone, heck even share it with me. Whatever you choose, I hope it's beautiful.