Monday Mantra - Be Ambitious

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I've decided to begin a new series on my blog called, "Monday Mantras" Mondays are a day everyone seems to dread and I decided I wanted to help everyone kick it up a notch. Mondays are days we're all feeling a little overwhelmed, drained, and a little wound why not try to tweak the way we view Mondays? Every Monday I will be posting a motivational quote, a mantra if you will -to help not just myself, but others get and stay motivated, to help maintain focus, and get us thinking about our goals and aspirations. I'v chosen to begin this new series on my blog because I'm ready to get inspired, and help others in the process.


This weeks Monday Mantra....

Happy Monday lovelies! Today, I'm totally feeling this quote. Mondays can be so hard and challenging for us all, but it doesn't have to be. Every Monday I decide it's time to prioritize. It's time to shake things up, and get shit done. If you're anything like me, Mondays, as rough as they are usually my most productive day.

So my dear friends, I challenge you....make today "the" day. 

Decide today is a day to get organized, recenter yourself, and prepare yourself mentally for the week ahead. Set yourself up for success by reminding yourself this is the start of a beautiful new week. Filled with opportunity, new successes, a chance to make something beautiful. Wake up every morning, not just on Mondays and take a deep breathe, and remind yourself of your goals, and all your accomplishments too.

Too often we all forget that we're all a work in progress, but still making headway in our everyday lives. 

Wake up each and every morning and be a little ambitious. Challenge yourselves. Start each day with a list of tasks you so desperately want to get done. No matter how big or small, you can succeed. Each Monday I set personal goals for myself. Typically I tend to have Mondays off from work, and I use those days to recenter, and organize myself for the work week ahead. I think the reason why most dread Mondays is the fact that they go back to the mundane, the planned, their structured lifestyle. More often than not, I wish people would just open their eyes and see things a little differently.

Everyone has the same amount of time in their day, and get to chose exactly how they spend those precious hours, why not be a little ambitious?

Why not wake up each morning and decide to be bold. Be different. Shake up an every day routine. Map out a plan and set goals for yourself. Make small ones you can achieve in a single hour, and bigger ones that could take years to accomplish. Don't be afraid of failure, push yourself to do more. To be more. Be better, not only for yourself but for those around you. Wake up each morning remind yourself that the possibilities in life are endless, and you can do anything. Be ambitious, and live a contagiously positive life, what could possibly be better than that? 

I challenge all of you to pick your own Monday mantra, and let it simmer with you. Let it allow you to analyze your choices, thoughts and actions. If you're feeling brave, share it with someone, heck even share it with me. Whatever you choose, I hope it's beautiful.