Monday Mantra - How to Have a Good Monday

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I've decided to begin a new series on my blog called, "Monday Mantras" Mondays are a day everyone seems to dread and I decided I wanted to help everyone kick it up a notch. Mondays are days we're all feeling a little overwhelmed, drained, and a little wound why not try to tweak the way we view Mondays? Every Monday I will be posting a motivational quote, a mantra if you will -to help not just myself, but others get and stay motivated, to help maintain focus, and get us thinking about our goals and aspirations. I'v chose to begin this new series on my blog because I'm ready to get inspired, and help others in the process.


This weeks Monday Mantra....



Today, we're doing something a little different here on the blog. I didn't feel like choosing a "mantra" today. I felt like giving you a few full proof tips on making the best out of your Monday...easy enough right? Why not switch things up for a week or two. Lets jump right to it, keep reading on if you want my Monday morning advice.


10 ways to have a kick-ass Monday

  1. Wake up early - Give yourself quiet time before you begin to get ready.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast (with coffee of course!) It's the most important part of the day.
  3. Exercise first thing to get your blood pumping, you'll instantly feel more awake and refreshed and prepared for whatever the day throws at you.
  4. Think positive - Your attitude is everything, so put on your positive pants.
  5. Make an effort to smile, no matter what day it is. Smiling is contagious and you never know who could benefit from this simple gesture. 
  6. Jot down your weekly goals staying focused is key to ensuring you make the most out of your Monday and the week ahead. 
  7. Treat yourself, Mondays can be pretty mundane so put some spice in your life, treat yourself to a specialty latte or try out a new spot for lunch.
  8. Put down your phone - Taking a break from social media is crucial, stop checking on what everybody else is doing and focus on what you're doing. 
  9. Relax, yes I know, it's Monday but take a moment away from it all, get away from it all for a few minutes will make you 10x more productive. 
  10. Do something good for someone else, no matter what it is, it can be as simple as paying someone a compliment, or buying your work bff a coffee, just one small act can make you feel good for the entire day. 


There you have it, a compiled list of my full proof ways to have a kick-ass Monday. What will you do with your Monday? Regardless if you're working, it's your day off, make it count. Mondays can be down right dreadful, but your attitude doesn't have to be. You can be the change. Pick a few things from my list and put them into action, I guarantee your Monday will be a little more brighter. 


I challenge all of you to pick your own Monday mantra, and let it simmer with you. Let it allow you to analyze your choices, thoughts and actions. If you're feeling brave, share it with someone, heck even share it with me. Whatever you choose, I hope it's beautiful.