PREVIEW: Our Adventure through Acadia National Park

Merry Christmas lovelies!! Let me just start of by saying: This post is a preview of what is to come, and is definitely long over due!  Back in October Dustin and I decided it was time to have our very first "couples photo shoot" and finally booked a session with a lovely woman by the name of Erin. I met Erin through Instagram and we instantly hit it off, and became friends. When I looked through Erin's instagram I was in awe at the talent she had in Photography, she was incredible. I was obsessed with her shooting style and that it wasn't exactly "the norm" I knew I needed to book a session with her, and in an instant, we had a date set. We shot in Acadia National Park, trekked up cliffs, climbed mountains, and bonded through our similar interests.  Erin was such a pleasure to work with, if you're interested in working with her, please check out her website: Click here!!!!

& As promised, there will be more to come.