Our Trip to Houston

Hey lovelies! Two weeks ago, so many beautiful, magical events happened. On December 11th I anticipated to be somewhere in Austin, with Dustin on our anniversary somewhere cute, and romantic. We wanted a low key day filled with adventure, but that was not what happened whatsoever. Two weeks ago I got the best news, my best friend, Lauren was surprising me with an impromptu visit! When she told me via SnapChat I bawled my eyes out for three hours. I missed her so much, especially being almost 3,000 miles away from her. Being in a new, unfamiliar place all I wanted was to be surrounded by the ones  I loved, but that just was not possible. When she gave me the news, I cried tears of pure joy. I was so excited to be seeing her on mine and Dustins anniversary. Dustin didn't mind at all, he knew this was a gift he could never give me, it was an experience of a lifetime. It was a day full of pure love, and happiness all around. I met one of her closest friends, Cassie who also lives in Texas, so it was amazing to make such a great connection and friend. Today I'll be sharing photos from our day trip to Houston, and telling you all about our adventures through the city. 


We visited Buffalo Bayou Park 

This park was so diverse and full of beauty. When we first arrived, we were greeted by birds, the sunshine and ample parking-which made for a great first impression.

We spent two hours wandering around this gorgeous park, filled with lush greenery and plenty of wildlife. 

We saw so many different types of flowers, trees, and a crazy amount of fire ants. 

There were these huge, metal signs reading "explore, pause, wander" all around the park. How unique is that? I fell in love. 

All the animals were seriously so friendly and wanted to be as close as possible. I got a few snaps of different types of ducks, it was definitely fun interacting with animals. 

We spent a great deal of time wandering around the park, looking at various form of art work and texting back and forth with Lauren, planning our day out. We arrived in Houston around eleven, and wandered around just the two of us before meeting up with Lauren, Cassie, and their boyfriends. When we finally had a solid plan, we headed off to the Houston Zoo!

We took a trip to the Houston Zoo

This was practically the only photo of any type of animal I took at the zoo. When we met up with them, Lauren and I instantly began crying, hugging and zoned out from the rest of the group. The six of us grabbed a few beers and walked around the zoo, catching up, talking, and occasionally getting rained on. We saw so many different types of monkeys, birds, and exotic animals. 

Before we left the zoo, we had the three boys take a million photos for us. Cassie and I quickly bonded, and instantly became friends. I loved finally getting a million photos of me and my best friend to look back on and remember our crazy day spent in Houston. 

We went to the coolest bar: AxelRad

After the zoo, we all were ready for dinner - and fast. Cassie picked the best place for tacos, Tacos A Go Go, a place you can get any type of tacos, tequila and all things sangria. Dustin and I ordered two tacos with Sangria, and ate every last bit. We were amazed how cheap, but delicious the tacos were. We spent about an hour at the cute dinner spot, talking, laughing and just enjoying every ones company. At that point, we weren't ready to say goodbye, we all knew we needed to head to a low key bar.  Cassie took us to Axelrad, the coolest outside bar I had ever seen. There was a huge projector, constantly showing movies, live music, and outdoor tables. 

We all ended up getting various types of drinks, and decided to play a board game together. We chose Cards of Humanity, which took up a good chunk of our night. We had so much fun laughing, sipping wine and playing games. After that, we moved to a different part of the bar, the lounge area. The area located outside, was filled with hammocks, various chairs, and had the coolest lighting. Lauren, Cassie and I all sat in a big hammock together and talked for hours, while the boys were off to the side of us. It was so good to catch up, and bond with a new friend. We talked for hours, and then decided to head over to a different bar. We played pool for a few hours, drank a few margaritas together and around 2am, we all headed over to Cassie's apartment. When we all said goodbye, the tears were never ending. It was so good to see my best friend, even if for a day, and make a new friend, that I hold very close. When you're surrounded by the ones you love, it's just so hard to say goodbye. Our day trip to Houston was filled with love, pure joy, and great company. I can't wait to see my best friend one day soon, and hopefully meet up with Cassie sometime next year. Overall, from what I saw of Houston, I truly enjoyed it. The city was so diverse, and had so much charm to it. We'll definitely be visiting Houston again soon.


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