Summer Adventures - Acadia National Park

Hello lovelies and happy Tuesday! I hope you all have had a great week so far. This weekend, for me, has been a tough one. Earlier on this week, I swear if anything could have gone wrong, it did. Just a few days I go, I was sipping my coffee and browsing Pinterest when I dropped my phone on our tile floors...not a big deal, or so I thought. Until I picked it up, and noticed I had shattered my entire screen. Texting was next to impossible, as I had a million tiny glass splinters in my fingers. That set the tone for an entirely long, frustrating week for me. I ended up upgrading to an IPhone later that day, so it wasn't all that bad. My entire work week seemed to drag by, and I was longing for my weekend. 

As soon as I got home Saturday evening from hitting the gym, I started to plan my weekend. I knew I had to de-stress, and fast. Typically, our weekends are spent hiking or exploring the New England area, but I wasn't in the mood to go hiking this weekend. When I asked Dustin what he wanted to do, he said the same. We originally had planned to go North for the weekend but we decided to take a road trip. We packed our bags for any and every occassion, rain or shine and just started driving.

We ended up going to Acadia National Park. We had been there only once before, for our couples photo shoot and were dying to explore it just a little more. When we first went, it was late fall, super cold, but still absolutely gorgeous. I was excited to see more of Bar Harbor, Mount Dessert Island, and all the coastal surrounding towns. It took us about three and a half hours to get to Acadia, but it was worth the long drive. When we finally purchased a park pass, we set off to our first destination, Thunder Hole/where we took our couples photo shoot. 

This was the view we were greeted by when we had arrived to Thunder Hole. All you saw was a jagged cliff, and a narrow walk way leading to the hole. When you proceed down near Thunder Hole, you finally realize what it really is. It's where the sea meets and crashes against the rocky shores, creating thunder. It was low tide when we first got there, so you only got to see the very narrow hole, and just how deep it was. The sights were absolutely breath taking, and extremely calming. The weather was perfect for our visit back to Acadia and I couldn't have been more pleased. We made several stops to walk around, and admire the parks remarkable beauty before proceeding down the Park Loop Trail.


The next stop on the Park Loop Trail was Sand Pond, the prettiest "beach/pond" I had ever seen. When we first arrived we were in awe of the incredibly green/blue waters. The water shined like diamonds, and had the most beautiful light green color to it. I was completely captivated by the ocean and needless to say we stayed awhile. The water was very chilly, but with the temperatures about 80 degrees, we didn't mind. 

The waves were pretty small, but incredibly beautiful. I ended up taking a million videos, and panoramic photos it was just that stunning. When you looked around all you could see was the rocky coast, and the sun beginning to set. It was so quiet and peaceful at the beach. I finally felt a little more at peace, and less stressed overall watching the waves kiss the shore. We spent the majority of our time on the beach walking and talking about our big move. As stressed as I was about moving 2000 miles away from a place so beautiful, that we've called homes all of our lives, I felt better knowing that we had each other. I felt better knowing that we've seen the majority of New England together, and had been able to say we fully love and appreciate it's beauty. When we finally decided to move on to the next stop on the loop trail, sunset was quickly approaching. Our next stop was Cadillac Mountain. 

The road that led to Cadillac was incredibly stunning. The road was also narrow, so we drove pretty slow to be safe. There was many places where we could easily pull of and see all of the sights, but it was pretty packed on Sunday. When we finally made it to the top, we found a place to park and threw on sweatshirts. For an eight degree day it was pretty chilly up on the mountain. For years we had been wanting to see Cadillac Mountain. It's the highest point on the North Atlantic Seaboard and the first place you can see the sunrise. I had heard stories for years about the incredibly beautiful view, and new someday I had to go. We spent a good hour wandering around the mountain, taking in all of the sights. Just being on the mountain and walking around with Dustin brought me so much peace. Having no distractions, obligations, or a time frame put my mind at ease. Being surrounded by nature, and the beauty of the scenery instantly calmed my anxiety and worry for our future. The trip we took to Acadia soothed me of all of my stress, and worry and it was exactly what I needed.