Thoughts on Moving Cross Country

I swear that it was just yesterday that Dustin and I decided it was time for a change. A big one. Something so drastic, so bold, that even we were a little scared to go through with. This past November, we decided it was time to live life outside of our comfort zones. It was time to jump on an opportunity, and do it fast, before we changed our minds. Since November, we've been planning a very big move, almost 2,000 miles away from home.....Somewhere we had never been to. Just recently we were notified our "goal date" when we would be moving was creeping up fast, and just about a million thoughts have flown through my head ever since. As nervous as I am to be so far away from home, I'm excited and anxious for our move date to arrive. Today I wanted to share with you just how I'm feeling about leaving home, moving cross country and starting over new. 


The good.....

"I'm going to be experiencing new things!"

"I'm going to be traveling a whole lot more, I'm so excited!"

"I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone, this is what life is all about!"

"I'm going to be exploring new places, all the time, this is going to be so cool!"

"I'm going to meet a ton of new people and make a shitload of new friends!"

"I'm going to eat new foods, and try new things, I can't wait for all the glorious food!"

"Dustin and I will finally have a home of our own!"

"We finally get to decorate our own place, buy cute new decor and it'll be a blast!"

"New home = privacy, privacy = cooking in my undies, I'm so excited!" 

"Moving means new places to explore, food to eat, and plenty of people to meet."

"Moving away and exiting my comfort zone is really going to help my personal growth."

"I can't wait for all the new opportunities this new place will bring me."

"I can't wait to experience new things alongside my best friend."

"I'm so happy to start the next chapter of our lives together somewhere beautiful!"

"Who knows what this move will bring, but I'm ready for it, the good and the bad!"

"This is a really bold, brave decision and I'm so proud of myself for taking a step outside my comfort zone."


The bad.....

"Holy shit we're really doing this."

"Oh my god we're moving away from our family and friends."

"I'm going to miss my family so much, I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye."

"What if we absolutely hate it there!?"

"What if we can't take the hot weather?"

"I'm going to be so homesick, will I ever adjust?!" 

"What if something terrible happens to my family, and I can't be there?"

"Will my family come to visit me? They better come visit!"


But when it comes down to it.....

The bad outweighs the good.

I'm going to get homesick. 

I'm going to miss the hell out of my family.

It's going to be a beautiful experience.

We may decide it isn't the place we want to settle down and that's okay!

Jumping outside of our comfort zone is the only way we're going to grow.

I'm totally going to cry when we leave.

It's going to be hard to adjust to a new place. 

We're going to eat new, delicious food and it will be amazing. 

We're going to make new friends, and keep our old ones, too. 

As worried as I am, everything will be okay. 

I can't wait to share this crazy experience with my best friend, and amazing boyfriend. 

How will I ever enjoy this crazy, stressful, amazing experience if I don't stop worrying about it?


Overall, I'm a mess of emotions at this time. I'm ready to experience a new state, culture, people, and embrace the uncertainty. On the other hand, my anxiety has it's grips on me. I'm sad, I'm worried, and constantly second guessing myself. My biggest worries, the ones I listed here, are totally normal for anyone moving away. They are things so small, something that I will easily adjust to. My biggest worry about moving is that I will miss my family and friends constantly. I worry that I'm doing the wrong thing by moving so far away from them. To be quite honest, I know that what I'm feeling is normal, but I'm taking it hard. I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to transfer, and am so grateful. I know that in time, I'll definitely feel a little more excitement and less anxiety about moving away (and can't wait for that time to come!) For now, it's all about making the most out of our time left here in Maine, and enjoying each and every moment. 

Have you ever moved cross country? Have you ever picked up everything you owned and made a bold move to a place you've never been to? I'd love to hear your stories, please share your thoughts, or any tips and advice with me!