Moving Cross Country

Before I left my home state of Maine, I often heard comments from people saying: "You're so brave!" or "That's going to be an experience of a lifetime." Up until that moment, I had no doubt in my mind that what we were about to do was really, really brave

Prior to Saturday, I took my time packing my belongings. I went through everything I owned and downsized. There was only so many things that could easily fit into a car. When Friday hit, the day before we were about to begin our 2,000 mile journey cross country, I was a little scared. It finally hit me what we were about to do. 

We spent Friday seeing each and everyone of our family members. We squeezed in as many hugs and handshakes  as we could, and somehow, it seemed to last all day. I remember preparing for tears, for sadness, and drawn out goodbyes. I was surprised that no one besides my mother, bawled like a child. There were no goodbyes, only "See you later!" I felt thankful for all the support surrounding us. 

Then Saturday hit, our moving day. And yes, I was scared. Just the simple fact of moving and turning the page, starting anew was undoubtedly scary. I feared my new beginning, starting over somewhere brand new. Not knowing a single soul in Dallas, was definitely unnerving. The second my fiance and I signed our lease, it all became real. We were really moving, and doing something so far outside of our comfort zones.

Around 5am Saturday, everything clicked. We would either stay in the familiarity of our home state, or take a grand leap outside of our comfort zones. We chose to leap. We drove 2,000 miles away from our family, friends, and everything we really new. Our drive across country was something I could never put a price tag on. The experience was more valuable than anything else, and that's something no one could take away. 

I believe that this life is is meant to be a grand adventure. You're supposed to make moves, big and small. And do the things that scare the hell out of you. Choosing to move to a new city, a place where I had never been, was one of those things. Driving cross country with the love of my life, was definitely a liberating experience. It taught me trust, patience, and most importantly: good things come to those that wait. 

Now that our drive is over, and we're finally settling into our new home, I feel full of wanderlust. I'm ready to spread my wings, and explore the parts of the country that ignites a spark inside my soul. I have dreams of seeing Arizona, Colorado, and California, and now that I'm a bit closer, I can. I'm ready to eat new foods, and experience new cultures. I'm ready to learn more about Dallas, and Texas in general.

I think moving cross country is one of the most empowering experiences you can have. When you chose to allow yourself to go where your soul is calling, you're allowing yourself to live, limitation free. Traveling to a new place has given me so much more courage than I ever thought imaginable. Through this 2,000 mile journey, I feel stronger, and more capable. I feel ready, and so much more excited for this new experience.