Our Trip to Denver + City Guide

I'll say it a million times over...This was definitely my favorite vacation I've ever taken. Colorado is just so peaceful, naturally beautiful, and full of things to do no matter what you're into. Today I will be sharing our second day travels through Colorado, what we did, and what anybody visiting should do. Day two of our vacation through Colorado we decided since it would be seriously hot, we would travel a little further in hopes of beating the heat. I had always wanted to visit Denver/Aspen/Boulder all of those places, so we narrowed it down to two: Denver and Boulder. Day two was going to be all about traveling through Denver, as well as Boulder, since they were so close together.

The Drive:

The drive to Denver was honestly super easy. From Colorado Springs, Denver was only a 45-60 drive depending on the traffic. It took us a little over thirty minutes to get into Denver, even with a little traffic. It was definitely refreshing being in a state where people truly know how to drive, and how to handle any type of situation - probably because they have to deal with snow as well. I wasn't sure if it were the drivers, or the peaceful nature that is Colorado, but my anxiety was 100% non-existent at that point. I remember being on the highway and realizing that Texas truly was not the place for us. Maybe not Dallas, maybe not even Austin -which we love so much. I felt so much more at peace, and truly happy in Colorado, and even felt more at home. I knew right then and there even though we would be committing to another year or two here, it would not be a forever thing. That short drive from CO Springs to Denver had given me much needed time to reflect and reassess with Dustin that was much needed, and very necessary.


What we did:


Mount Evans

Mount Evans is the highest paved road in North America, where you can drive 14,000 feet up to beautiful mountain views. When we heard about Mount Evans, we knew we had to visit Denver. We're total adventurers, and this would definitely be the most beautiful one. When we started driving up, it was around 85ish degrees, and it took us over an hour to get to the summit. When we arrived, it was a beautiful 54 degrees, which felt so nice. I threw on one of Dustin's flannels, and walked around for a bit, taking about a million photos.

This was definitely the most beautiful place we had ever been hiking, for sure. There was so much wildlife (wild mountain goats!) and natural beauty all around us. There was also snow around, as well as on the Rocky Mountains, which made it that much more enjoyable. Driving through the mountains was definitely scary, because there was no guard rails...whatsoever. Dustin drove slow, and we stopped every so often to get out and take a million photos. Being that close to the Rocky Mountains, and being able to breathe fresh air made us feel at home. When we finally made it to the top, there were mountain goats everywhere, and plenty of breathtaking views from all angles. When we started walking around, I began suffering from altitude sickness - no doubt, at 14,000 feet, anyone would. The sights and sounds were so very calming, and refreshing. We could have spent forever up there if it weren't for my altitude sickness. It was hard to breathe, I felt nauseas, and had a killer headache. As we slowly went down the mountain, I felt better instantly. If you are visiting the beautiful city of Denver, I highly recommend a visit to Mount Evans!


Things To Do In Denver

Visit / hike Mount Evans

Attend a concert or go visit Red Rock Amphitheatre

Tour any of the various craft breweries in and around Denver

Go to the Denver Zoo

Climb mountains at the many parks across the city

Get a tour of the Denver Mint

Swim at a lake

Camp out at park and watch for wildlife

Eat delicious ice cream at Little Man Ice Cream

Watch a ball game at the Coors Field

Ski / Snowboard in winter

Walk through the Museum of Art

Visit a dispensary - just because you can.

Attend a Sunday Jazz in The Park downtown for a free live concert.


Have you been to Denver? What are your favorite activities?