Confessions of a Fitness & Health Junkie

I'm a huge advocate for Fitness & Health, have you seen my Pinterest Fitness board or Twitter? I'm constantly tweeting and pinning fitness motivation quotes, new workouts, and clean eats. I've always been a lover of health and keeping in shape. I'm a little obsessed with Self, Fitness, and Womans Health magazine and will never stop subscribing to their newsletters. I've always had a drive to take the best care of myself possible and will continue to do so. Ever since I was little I was surrounded by junk food, and sugar coated treats, but never really liked to indulge, and for good reason.... it was bad for you. Growing up beside two disabled parents and four other siblings that never ate healthy gave me an insight to what my future could look like.... a very unhealthy one. From a young age I somehow knew I needed to be the change and to take great care to my mind, body, and soul. I never wanted to have any illnesses or diseases, or any weight issues. I wanted a healthy body, and spirit. Today I'm sharing some of my confessions of being a Health & Fitness junkie, some facts that I share may surprise you....... Enjoy!

When it comes to food.......

  • I HATE fish. It's a super food... I know but I will eat Tuna, so it's kind of good for you, right? I've began taking an Omega 3's gummy supplement for the past few months, and have noticed a difference in my skin.
  • Nuts are my best friend..... I have an obsession with Cashews, Almonds, Peanuts, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds. I love eating dry roasted Edamame after a workout, it's tasty but can be drying especially after an intense cardio session. I wish nuts weren't so expensive or else I would be eating them all the time! It's crazy just how expensive a big bad of Almonds are. 
  • I don't eat nearly enough salads as I should.... I could lie and tell you I eat salad every day, but that would be the biggest lie I've ever told. I maybe eat a salad once or twice a week, at most. I used to meal prep with Dustin and we would take salads every week, and I've come to realize I probably should get back on that bandwagon. 
  • I love meat & potatoes...... I'm all for a hearty meal that truly fuels you. I was raised on this type of dinner: protein, vegetable, and potatoes. Still til this day, nothing has changed. Some days I'll want a big juicy steak with steamed broccoli or green beans a red skin mashed potatoes, other days I'll want a stir fry with chicken. I love my protein and starch :)
  • Sometimes, I just want junk food...... Like any other girl I'm a big lover of Ben & Jerrys... give me pretty much any flavor and the pint will be gone within the hour. I'm almost always craving Nacho Cheese Doritoz or pickles... going to the grocery store is dangerous and I hate going when I'm hungry because sometimes I don't make the best decisions. My biggest weakness is chips, salt & vinegar... all dressed... everything. I find it really hard to make healthy food choices when Dustin isin't, even though he's a diabetic, he still eats junk food (in small doses) and if he's having Oreo's, obviously we'll share. So I guess my other biggest weakness is Dustin. Sometimes he'll bring me home Kozy Shack chocolate pudding because he's just awesome, and obviously I'll eat it, because... it's pudding. It's definitely difficult to eat healthy around your other half that tends to to eat junk (but he's gotten so much better and pretty much lives off of fruit, so don't get the wrong impression!)
  • But I love smoothies..... A couple years ago I even made a big investment and purchased a specialty GNC blender, specifically for smoothies. I'm always finding new recipes, or making up my own concoction. Right now I'm drinking a protein smoothie: Banana, protein powder, Almond Milk, and old fashioned oats.... so tasty. I love going to Maine Squeeze downtown Portland for my post-workout snack (There smoothies & salads are to die for) before heading into work, it's the best treat. Dustin & I are a little addicted to this blender of mine and will continue to blend our little hearts out. 
  • You'll always find fruit in our fridge...... Dustin & I pretty much snack on fruit constantly. We always buy bananas every week, and two other selections of fruit. This past week we finally went apple picking, so we'll definitely be eating those up. I love pretty much all types of fruit and can't get enough of it. I just wish fruit wasn't so acidic, because it's definitely done some damage to my enamel. At any given time you can always find fresh fruit in our fridge.
  • I'm not the best cook, but I'm working on it....... I pretty much Pinterest new recipes once every day, it's kind of an addiction. I'm thankful that Dustin knows how to cook & cook well. He's taught me so much in five years! it's crazy. I never really liked to cook or never gave it much thought until we got together. Now we're a bit obsessed with Gordom Ramsay,  and binge watch cooking shows to inspire and teach us new techniques. I'd love to take an actual cooking class somewhere to sharpen my skills.
  • I'm obsessed with fruit infused water...... Thanks to Pinterest, I've had a new found love for water. I've never been great about getting enough water throughout the day, but lately I've been doing pretty well. My favorite combinations are: Mint & Cucumber, Apple & Cinnamon, Lemon & Lime, and straight Blueberry. What you do is plop just a few of these into a big water pitcher and let it steep for as long as you can, or toss some into your water bottle and you're gold. Keep in mind the longer the fruit sits in the water before you drink it the more prominent the flavor. 


When it comes to fitness.......


  • Pinterest is the best motivator....... Lets be real, I'm a Pinterest addict, and I'm 100% okay with that. I look to Pinterest for fitness tips & tricks, and motivational quotes to keep me going. I learned how to properly squat & dead lift through Pinterest (thank god) Without my Health & Fitness board I would be lost. 
  • I'm crazy about the gym..... I'm pretty much a gym rat, and I don't give a shit. Going to the gym is basically the highlight of my day. It's my time to focus on improving my body, and helps me unwind & de-stress. I'm a big advocate for the gym, it's such a wonderful place to be. I usually hit the gym usually 4-5 times out of the week, sometimes less depending on how my week goes. The gym is my sanctuary, where I let go of all stress and responsibilities. 
  • I love shopping for workout clothes...... I LOVE going into Tj Maxx or Marshalls to try on new workout gear. I'm always trying on cute new gym pants or tops if I have an hour or two to kill in between jobs, or carpooling with Dustin. I can completely justify spending $20 on a comfortable pair of stretchy gym pants because I'm constantly hitting the gym. I agree with that old saying "Look good feel better" in this case. 
  • Fitness magazines excite me...... If you came into our bedroom, you would see a big bookshelf full of my books and magazines.... I tend to hoard Fitness, Self, and Women's Health magazine. There is nothing more I love then reading, especially reading about something that excites me. Whenever I pick up a new Women's Health I read it cover to cover and always learn new tips and tricks to help me improve my health. My favorite fitness magazine? Self. It has everything from skincare and makeup to fitness, mind, and body. It's such a well rounded magazine and it's always been a dream of mine to maybe write for them one day.
  • Squats & Dead lifts are my best friend....... Squats and Dead lifts are life. They're the fastest way to firm and strengthen your backside (they make your butt look amazeballs) My favorite is to sumo squat with a medicine ball or heavy dumbbell, you can truly feel it in your back & butt. I probably do them every workout, I hate leaving squats out of my daily workout it just feels so wrong. If you're unsure about the proper squat form, again, hit up Pinterest. 
  • Fitness is my medicine........  Some people binge drink, smoke cigarettes, bitch and moan or cope with stress in an unhealthy way... I just exercise. I find it so therapeutic to do twenty minutes of high intensity cardio. I feel prettiest when I sweat, and know I did my body a world of good by getting my heart pumping. 
  • I have a ton of fitness goals......... I set a lot of goals for myself, I'm a goal oriented type of gal. I wont get into a ton of details but my long term goal is to tighten and firm the lower half of my body. I'm a very petite pear shape, so it's very important I keep the lower half of my body tight and toned. 
  • I want to be the best version of myself........ I workout for myself, no one else. It's not about keeping a man interested, or making other people jealous, I do this for me. I don't have a "celebrity dream body" or anything like that. I don't want to look like Dana Linn Bailey, I want my body, just the best version of it. I love my body shape, I wouldn't change a thing about my frame, I just want everything to be tight and toned. I workout because it makes me feel accomplished and every workout is a step closer to becoming the best version of myself. 
  • I love exercise...... I've always been a health fanatic, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up I loved playing Field Hockey, Track, and Volleyball throughout my school career, it taught me the importance of physical activity & just how crucial it is to keep healthy. I can honestly say I've never had an issue with the number on the scale because I don't pay any attention to it; as long as you exercise regularly and eat healthy, you wont have to worry about your weight, it will fix itself. I've always had a passion for keeping in good health, I never have an issue with not wanting to hit the gym, I'm always psyched to go! I love the feeling I get after a grueling workout at the gym, it's so rewarding, to feel like you're getting closer to your fitness goals.