How to De-Stress this Holiday Season


Tips to help De-stress this holiday season

  • Take a hot bath with essential oils, try peppermint, chamomile, or lavender to relax and calm your mind, body and spirit.
  • Ask your partner kindly to give you a massage with an aromatherapy based lotion. 
  • Have quiet time by yourself, even if for a few minutes each day. 
  • Make lists of things you need to get done, truly prioritize your day and you'll feel 10x more relaxed. 
  • Create a budget for the holidays, that means sitting down and writing everything out so you have set boundaries for yourself, so you're not over spending. 
  • Keep your priorities straight, that could mean remembering the true meaning of Christmas to getting all of those pesky tasks done. 
  • Remember what Christmas is truly about! Don't get caught up in giving the "perfect gift" or stressing that you aren't giving enough.
  • Plan, plan, and more planning. Planning makes everything so much easier. 
  • Watch the Food Network, get inspired and bake your own creative holiday treats with loved ones. You're sure to have a hell of a good time no matter what you're creating. 
  • Set aside time to spend time with the ones you love, no matter what the occasion, holiday time is about showing your loved ones how much they are loved. 
  • Be selfless, do random acts of kindness and give back to charity in some way.
  • Sit down and get creative by making DIY gifts for your family and loved ones. 
  • Take care of YOU, make sure you're getting plenty of rest, h20, and nutritious food. 
  • Sweat it out at the gym, blast your favorite music & let go for an hour. 
  • Take fun, festive family photos, no kids? Dress up your fury friends and have a laugh.
  • Watch old Christmas movies with a giant bowl of popcorn, be sure to have cozy blankets & plenty of hot cocoa. 
  • Take a drive just to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights. 
  • Remember that the holiday season can be a VERY stressful time, and the importance of kindness. 
  • Sit down and pamper yourself, paint your nails, even pluck your brows to get yourself focused on something other than the busy, chaotic time of the year. 
  • Pick up your favorite bottle of wine and unwind with a glass... or two. 
  • Unplug completely for Christmas, spend the day mingling, surrounding yourself in conversation and focus on something other than social media, your phone, or constant tweetage. 
  • Spend time doing things that are free, or mostly free: a night time Christmas lights cruise, going out for hot cocoa, building a snowman, baking something using whatever you have laying around. 
  • Hug it out, literally. Hugging send your brain all those feel good feelings, who doesn't need a hug?
  • Spend time with the children in your life, sit down and color with them, it'll instantly de-stress anyone. 
  • Send "thinking of you" cards to loved ones that live far away for Christmas time.