Because You're in Your Twenties

Let me start off by saying: being in your twenties is pretty shitty. Sorry to put it bluntly, but it's 110% the true. We spend our twenties trying to figure out who were are, what kind of career will best suit us, all in all trying to keep our shit together. Being in your twenties is a huge eye opener and just touches on the surface of what adulthood is. Here are just a few thing I believe everyone in their 20's should know.

You don't have to have your shit together just yet -  Being in your twenties, you can get away with a lot. You don't have to have your life figured out just yet, but you should be steering yourself in the direction to figuring it all out. Baby steps my friend. 

Maintain that angelic looking skin! - Start by using spf everyday to maintain the radiance of your fresh wrinkle free skin. Avoid tanning beds like the plague. You'll thank yourself later.

Learn from your mistakes - You're young, careless, and reckless, you're aloud to make mistakes. Never make the same mistake twice, always learn from them. 

Learn to be independent  - Now is as good of a time as any to begin to be independent. Whether that means opening a savings/checking account or getting your first apartment. Remember, baby steps!

Don't grow up, too fast - Never let go of the child in you. Its okay to be silly, color, or still be somewhat of a child. Don't let the world harden you. 

Maintain your friendships - With half of your friends in college, and the other half too drunk to know what day it is, you have to work to keep friendships alive. A lot of friendships will fall in the cracks, you need to pick and choose who means the most. Don't be surprised if someone doesn't keep in contact, or doesn't text you back - for months.

Learn to manage your budget - Never live above your means, if you can't afford it, don't buy it. Learn to manage your money, and track your income. Try to avoid credit cards at all costs, the last thing you want to accumulate is credit card debt, it'll bite you in the ass later. This is huge and a big struggle for many. Talk to banks, your peers, whoever has a handle on tracking their spending/saving and take pointers from them. Everyone will have great information that they're more than willing to share. 

Develop your cooking skills - You can't rely on your parents anymore, it's time to get cooking, literally. It's wise to know how to prepare more than mac n' cheese, grilled cheese, and toast. The oven can be a pretty scary thing, but conquer any fears, and get to work. You're on your own, you're responsible for your diet now. William Senoma offers cooking classes, and there are a ton of recipes out there - for everything! Whenever I want to try a new recipe my go to is Pinterest Follow me here!

Create a resume - Create a professional foundation to showcase your work experience and accomplishments. Whether you're applying to Walmart or a law firm, you'll stand out if you've taken the time to form a resume. Creating a resume is a piece of cake, just google resume templates, viola!

Unplug from technology - In a world full of social media, constant twitter interactions, and snap chats, it's crucial to unplug. Instead of texting a friend, meet up for coffee, face to face interactions are much more personal. Smartphones can be highly addicting, but don't forget there's a big world out there full of natural beauty. 

Take responsibility for yourself - No one's going to be doing your laundry, or making excuses for your behavior. Learn to open up to your mistakes, never tell a lie, being honest is way more rewarding. You are solely responsible for yourself, remember that.

Ask questions - NEVER stop asking questions, if you're unsure, curious, just ask! 

Find what your passionate about and go for it - So you may not know what you want to do for the rest of your life, and that's OK. Ask yourself what you're passionate about, and dive face first. So you're obsessed with tea? Go work at a tea shop, invest in all the best teacups, and then maybe one day open up your own shop... Find a mentor in the field you want to pursue and go bug the shit out of them! Ask them numerous questions and see how they got to be where they are now. Tapping into your passions is the single best way in finding a career you'll love.

Love yourself, your body, and be kind to yourself. You are beautiful.  This I believe is the single most important thing to remind yourself, especially in your twenties. Women in their twenties (or any age really) struggle with their body image, we're just growing into our adult bodies and that's very normal for this age. I truly believe that women do age like fine wine. It's so true, the more we age, the more we grow accustom to our features and bodies. It's so crucial to love who you are and the body you were given. It's a long road to self love and acceptance, but start by telling yourself you are beautiful, everyday. Never compare yourself to others, comparison will eat you alive. You are uniquely you, and everyone is on a different journey, remember that, Lastly, be kind to yourself, treat yourself as you were a small child; would a small child say your thighs look chubby in those skinny jeans? Hell no. So why would you? Let that sink in.