10 Energy Boosting Tips

  1. You are what you eat, so eat CLEAN!  Think non-processed foods: Fresh fruits & veggies. Stock up on nuts, dark leafy greens, plenty of fish (or an omega 3's supplement) 
  2. Drink plenty of water! This is a big one when you're feeling down in the dumps! If you aren't getting enough water you'll feel sluggish, tired, achey, and overall pretty blah. Start your morning with a tall glass of ice water, and aim to get the recommended intake (a general consensuses  8 glasses each day)
  3. Get your beauty sleep! Sleep is crucial, period. If you aren't getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night it's a given you will feel the after affects. Go to bed early each night, allow your body to wind down from the chaos of the day. I try to back away from my phone, computer, or anything with a screen. Blue light tends to mess with your brain, keeping you wide awake. Try winding down with a good book, doodling in a journal, or light stretching prior to hitting the sheets. 
  4. One word: Aromatherapy!  Take a whiff of a peppermint lotion, spritz on a zingy fragrance try: Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint or rub. These powerful scents will wake you up and make you peppy in an instant.
  5. Take a COLD shower! Feeling exhausted mid day but want to hit the town with some buds? Pop in the shower and crank the dial down to the coldest setting. You'll instantly feel more alert and much more awake. 
  6. Breathe deeply Take a few minutes to center yourself, close your eyes and breathe deeply for a minute. It will make you feel connected and focused on the present task at hand. 
  7. Exercise!  An instant mood and energy boost. Exercise is everything to me and is the best anti depressant. If you cant hit up the gym, get off your butt and take a few laps around the office, walk around outside for a few minutes, or try jogging down the road, you'll instantly reap the benefits of exercise. As a whole exercise gets your blood pumping which will increase energy, your mood, and your overall happiness.
  8. Get a pick me up!  Pick up a small coffee, add an espresso shot and you'll be good to go! For you non-coffee drinkers, green tea contains caffeine is a excellent alternative. 
  9. Sit in the sunshine!  Sunshine is an instant mood and energy booster and plays a huge role in your energy.. If the sun isin't out you could also try light box therapy, or even tanning. 
  10. Laugh often! Laughing is a great way to wake your body up, and to feel good. Think about it, when you laugh you generally smile, so try to smile more often.