10 Inexpensive Fall Inspired Date Ideas

Good afternoon lovelies and happy Monday! I'm in total disbelief that I've spent two weeks in Dallas, and it's finally fall! Though it doesn't feel very "fall like" here in Texas, with the mid to upper eighty degree temperatures, I'm definitely feeling festive! It's finally October, my favorite month & season of the entire year To some October means binging on sweets, to me, it means pumpkin spice everything, and participating in all the fall activities I can. Today I've created a list of fall activities you and your sweetie can partake in this October. Read on to see my Fall Date Ideas!


10 Inexpensive Fall Inspired Date Ideas

1. Visit a pumpkin patch & Find the perfect pumpkins.

2. Throw a mini pumpkin carving party, just the two of you.

3. After pumpkin carving, roast the seeds and make a night out of it.

3. Go apple picking together & take pictures in the fields.

4. Bake an apple pie, or apple crisp together. 

5. Spend the day attempting to make hot apple cider, it will be fun!

6. Buy tickets to your local state fair and walk around the grounds.

7. Bake, cook and buy all your favorite "fall" treats and indulge!

8. Have a Halloween movie marathon together, especially the corny old horror flicks. 

9. Build a fire, inside or outside and snuggle up together and get cozy. 

10.Light fall scented candles and have a bubble bath, together of course. 


What are some of your favorite fall date activities? I'd love to hear!