Fall Activities (for you!)

Fall activities (for you!)

1. Drink a PSL latte, if you haven't already.

2. Or try a new fall themed Starbucks flavor.

3. Try a new, richer haircolor for fall, it's the season for change!

4. Pinterest "fall nail colors" and treat yourself to a mani/pedi.

5. Buy a cozy sweater, or a new scarf and get yourself excited for the holidays.

6. Take a drive, by yourself or loved ones and look at the fall foliage.

7. Pick up a new book and give yourself some quiet time. 

8. Be a kid again, and jump in a pile of leaves. 

9. Create a "thankful for" list.

10.Create a "fall activity list" and start enjoying fall!

11. Fill up on all your favorite Halloween candy!

12. Go hiking and enjoy the crisp fall air!

13. Get lost in a corn maze.

14. Carve a pumpkin, by yourself or with family!

15. Buy new "Fall themed" candles.

16. Throw together your take on chili.

17. Try out Pinterest inspired crock pot recipes.

18. Visit a state fair, solo or with a big group of friends.

19. Make candy apples and indulge!

20. Put on your coziest sweater and bake fall treats - pies, cookies, breads, everything and anything fall relates!